September 30, 2023
Netherlands To Host World's First Three-Day Vinyl Festival, Haarlem Vinyl Festival

Richard Zijlma, the past director of Amsterdam Dance Event, is hosting the world’s first three-day vinyl festival next year in the Netherlands called the Haarlem Vinyl Festival.

From September 29- October 1, 2023, the inaugural edition of the event will take over the Dutch city of Haarlem for a series of arts, culture, and music events and pop-ups.

The music event will span multiple genres including electronic, pop, hip-hop, and more with over 100 artists all performing on old-school vinyl.

Vinyl has been a long-forgotten art by many DJs and electronic producers. Gone are the days of carrying a pack with 50-100 records for a DJ set, bound by what they could fit in a bag.

But the classic art of spinning vinyl is making a resurgence with nostalgic music lovers as US vinyl sales rose by 22% in the first half of 2022. Hopefully Haarlem Vinyl Festival ushers in a rebirth of live mixing and the art of DJing.

Tickets to the Haarlem Vinyl Festival and more information will become available here.

Flyer from Haarlem Vinyl Festival 

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