February 21, 2024
My Dying Bride Announce New Album A Mortal Binding

Veteran English death-doom pioneers My Dying Bride announced some details about their upcoming 15th album. According to Lambgoat, the new album will be titled A Mortal Binding and is due out on April 19 from Nuclear Blast Records. Along with the album announcement, the band dropped a new single and video called “Thornwyck Hymn.” Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe gave a description of the new single’s narrative and, to be honest, even Shakespeare would have called this description a bit much. Be warned, this summary should carry a trigger warning for pretentiousness and potential eye rolling:

“Set upon the rugged coast of Yorkshire, Thornwyck village has spent an eternity being haunted by the chill waters that wash it’s (sic) shore – and the hidden folk who dwell in the salty depths.

“Woe betide anyone who fares into the briny sea, or even steels to (sic) close to it’s (sic) edge for they may never set foot back on mother earth.”

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The video for “Thornwyck Hymn” was directed by Daniel Gray and seems to be about a dude dressed like Horatio Hornblower having a three-way with some mermaids who then steal his brain or something. The video is a little confusing, but it’s still probably not the weirdest thing you’ll ever jerk off to.

The new album, much like their previous album The Ghost of Orion, was produced, mixed, and mastered by Mark Mynett. The band recorded the material at Mynett’s Mynetaur Productions in Manchester, UK. The album is available for pre-order, and it looks like all of the vinyl versions are double LPs with the band’s name etched into side D because, sure, why the hell not?

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