February 26, 2024
Mother Love Bone group shot

It’s peculiar how a death can elevate a record to significant status. It’s sometimes deserved, but often it isn’t. Mother Love Bone’s debut album definitely falls into the former category. Released shortly after the death of singer Andrew Wood (of a heroin overdose), Apple had the double luxury of being something that had nothing to live up to and, more poignantly in the years that have passed since its release in 1990, that there could never be anything to follow it up that could detract from or sully its legacy. 

These days Mother Love Bone are better known as the band that ultimately gave us Pearl Jam – MLB’s guitarist and bassist were Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament respectively. But remembering them just for that is to do massive disservice to a group that could have been so much more had cruel fate not intervened.

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