March 28, 2023
Moreno ITF On His Music Videos And Spanish Drill

Moreno ITF recently released multiple works, including his “GANGOSO WORLD” album with “Ruff” single and music video. The artist performs in the Spanish Drill genre and likes to experiment with his music. Brought by FMHipHop, here is an interview with MORENO ITF.

Moreno ITF’s “Ruff” clip is also a sequel to his other “Berkin” music video. 

“It’s just like the music to me, just like the beat, the lyric, the video. So I feel like I try to find a way to always tell my story through videos,” the artist told me when asked about the cinematic aspect of his music video. “That’s why we connect both of the songs. So you can understand where we’re coming from with the song—rough.”

The “Berkin” artist also plans to keep experimenting with music videos. “There’s a music genre they call merengue, and I have a song for the album that I work on, a drill track with a merengue sample. We’re thinking about building a whole…Do you remember the old school [shows], like when the videos used to go on TV, and it was like the old school TV shows with the people yelling at you and all that? The girl running on stage and all of those? 

So we’re gonna bring it old school like that for that video. We planning something very crazy for that. So yeah, all my videos will always have something interesting.”

Spanish Drill

Moving on, Moreno ITF also elevated the difference between classic Drill and Spanish Drill music. “Different people have different ways of looking at it. I’m bringing the Spanish drill by bringing the Spanish culture to the drill, not just the language. So I’m trying to merge the rhythms every day, even in the way I tell my stories. I’m trying to bring the Spanish side to it every day.”

Watch the “Ruff” Music Video Below

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