October 1, 2023
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Morbid Angel announces 40th anniversary 2023 tour dates. In this tour, Revocation, Skeletal Remains (March 15 – April 4), Vitriol (April 6 – April 22), and Crypta will also support the “United States Tour Of Terror.”

The tour will begin on March 15th in Morbid Angel‘s home state and end on April 22nd. Also in the band’s home state, with Revocation, Skeletal Remains (March 15th to April 4th), Vitriol (April 6th to April 22nd), and Crypta supporting. See the concert dates below!

Morbid Angel 2023 United States Tour Dates:

Morbid Angel 2023 Tour Poster

March 2023:

  • 03-15 The Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola FL
  • 03-17 Rise Rooftop Houston TX
  • 03-18 Amplified Live Dallas TX
  • 03-19 Come and Take It Live Austin TX
  • 03-21 Marquee Theater Tempe Az
  • 03-23 Virginia Street Brewhouse Reno NV
  • 03-24 Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA
  • 03-25 Brick By Brick San Diego CA
  • 03-26 The Regent Theater Los Angeles CA
  • 03-28 Oriental Theater Denver CO
  • 03-30 The Rave Milwaukee WI
  • 03-31 Apollo Theater AC Belvidere IL

April 2023:

  • 04-01 The Forge Joliet IL
  • 04-02 The Art Theater Hobart IN
  • 04-04 Piere’s Entertainment Center Ft Wayne IN
  • 04-06 The Machine Shop Flint MI
  • 04-07 Riverfront Live Cincinnati OH
  • 04-08 The KING of CLUBS Columbus OH
  • 04-09 Jergels Pitttsburgh PA
  • 04-11 Gramercy Theater New York City NY
  • 04-12 Warehouse on Watts Philadelphia PA
  • 04-14 Empire Live Albany NY
  • 04-15 Worcester Palladium Worcester MA
  • 04-16 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore MD
  • 04-18 The Concourse Knoxville TN
  • 04-19 The Masquerade (Heaven) Atlanta GA
  • 04-21 The Orpheum Tampa FL
  • 04-22 The Culture Room Ft Lauderdale FL

Morbid Angel shared a statement from their social media accounts:

“We are proud to announce this March 15 – April 22nd 2023 we will be hitting the road with our friends in; Revocation, Skeletal Remains (March 15 – April 4), Vitriol (April 6 – April 22nd), and CRYPTA on our, “United States Tour of Terror”, celebrating 40 YEARS OF EXTREME MUSIC!”

Crypta band’s Fernanda Lira adds: “We are beyond excited for our first tour ever in the USA. We know they’re one of our most solid fanbases around the world. And we have been working so hard to finally be able to meet them all on the road! Besides that, Morbid Angel is one of our main influences and the whole package is simply killer – can it get any more special than that? We don’t think so!!!”

Previously, Morbid Angel frontman Trey Azagthoth interview with Thrasher Magazine:

Question: Does Morbid Angel have an ethos?

“The main objective is always somewhat spiritual. It’s about doing what thou wilt. It’s the opposite of being restrained by religion. I think that Morbid Angel would follow the ideas of science more than religion. When we talk about spirituality we talk about that inner thing, that thing that makes you go or stop. Some people, they go so far and then give up easily and I don’t think that anyone involved in this is that sort of a person. The mentality of Morbid Angel is to constantly push.”

Question: Do you and Trey talk about Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins?

“Trey was into that more than me, but we definitely talked about it. If he’s into something, you’re gonna talk about it when you’re around him. Like, Tony Robbins, that to me is very basic shit that I thought everybody had already inside of them, until Trey introduced me to more Robbins. And I could see how it could help to keep some people more motivated. I’ve always been pretty damn motivated.

If I want something I’m gonna do everything in my ability to make it happen. Not everybody is born with the same drive. It’s great if it helps some people. If this gets someone up off their couch, that’s a wonderful thing. I think the same thing about religion: it’s there for people that need guidance. Not everybody needs moral guidance.”

Question: How did you build your guitar skills?

“When I was 14 I cut grass and shoveled snow to get my first guitar. It was sort of a James Hetfield ripoff. Metallica, they mean the world to me. Once I got that guitar, my drive was to be able to downpick the way Hetfield did. I wasn’t so interested in scales or the twiddly-twiddly, so I sat around and picked for four-to-six hours a day. As soon as I got home I picked it up, and that guitar stayed in my hands until I went to bed.”

Question: Have you ever met Metallica?

“I have met Jason Newsted and he was great, a metalhead, just like me. The one I’d really like to meet is James. Not so much Lars ’cause, dude, I’m not a drummer. I’ve been in bands a long time and drummers are my enemy at times. Ha! I’d love to meet James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett; it’d be really cool.”

Question: What are some of the best rumors you’ve heard about Morbid Angel?

“The constant is that it’s Satanist, and I don’t try to shake that off, ’cause if you’re gonna try and lump us somewhere, I would prefer to be there. I’ve heard lots of weird stories and get asked, “Did this happen?” and the answer is almost always no. For me, Morbid’s a band that’s always had a mysterious persona about them. That’s very intentional.”

Question: Would you consider yourself antisocial?

“I am to an extent antisocial, but when I meet someone who’s interesting, I’m the total opposite of antisocial. I’m in utter heaven, for lack of 
a better word.”

Who are some of the most disciplined people in metal?

“Erik Rutan and Pete Sandoval. Those guys are as repetitive as you can be. Erik probably has ADD. He has a hyper focus ability that a lot of people don’t have. And Pat O’Brien who’s in Cannibal Corpse, that guy is always playing guitar. You walk in the guy’s house and he’s playing guitar while having his coffee. Everybody’s sitting around bullshitting and Pat’s sittin’ there playing guitar. Those guys are the most disciplined.”

Question: Have you ever been scared on the road or on stage?

“The last time we were in Portland, all I did was see crazy shit all day long. It was like being in a counter reality – more homeless people than I’ve ever seen in one place. At Voodoo Donuts I saw a guy destroy his hands on a parking meter. He was beating on the meter until someone pulled him away. All day long, that’s how it was. For me, I don’t want to say scary, but if the whole world was like that, it would be a scary place.”

Question: How does guitar sponsorship work in death metal?

“All companies are different, but I have a relationship with Blakhart. They give me guitars for my band Warfather and basses for Morbid. They give me guitars for the road but if I want something extra I get a discount. I used to endorse BC Rich and I played those because I love BC Rich and I started playing Blakhart ’cause I love their stuff. I don’t necessarily need an endorsement; I like playing what I like to play.”

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