September 21, 2023
MIT & Anjunadeep To Celebrate Earth Day With Immersive Audio-Visual Experience

Music, art, and science will converge this Earth Day as Anjunadeep and the MIT Climate Machine come together for an immersive audio-visual experience.

On April 19 at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, MIT will display their high-tech audio-reactive visuals of projection mapping together with live music from Anjunadeep’s WARUNG for an Earth Day unlike any other.

The experience will explore issues like biodiversity, climate change, and more to showcase how music can bring about awareness of climate issues.

This isn’t Anjunabeats’ first foray into climate science. At 2022’s Weekender at The Gorge, MIT and Anjunabeats collaborated on an augmented reality “Art Wall” that used AI technology to spread awareness for climate and sustainability consciousness.

The initiative was led by MIT postdoctoral research fellow and manager of the Climate Change and Cities Program and Anjunadeep producer Nourey, who’s both researching climate science on the doctorate level and creating incredible music.

The Earth Day event with Anjunadeep will be held April 19 at 7 PM at the MIT Kresge Auditorium platform. Check out Nourey’s announcement of the event below:

Featured image from Warung

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