December 1, 2023
Metal Heads Will Love These Top 4 Online Casino Games

If you are a self-proclaimed metal head, you should check out these top four online casino games based on your favorite metal musicians that feature their heavy rock tunes and hardcore winning symbols. 


Kiss is one of the biggest metal bands in the world known for their shooting rockets, fire, smoking guitars, and of course, that legendary makeup. If you want to ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ you should check out their slot game. Like the band, the game’s look is unconventional with 10 reels and 100 pay lines. The slot symbols are easily recognizable: an electric guitar, a kiss badge, and Gene Simmons’ iconic long tongue. If you land on a picture of all the band members: Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley, congrats, you just landed on a wild symbol. The game also offers bonus rounds and free spins. 

Ozzy Osbourne

If you love the Prince of Darkness and Black Sabbath, you are going to love this gothic game. This game features symbol upgrades, respins, free rounds, and win multipliers with a chance to get 2,500x your original stake with five reels and 20 pay lines. While you play, enjoy dark tracks such as ‘Bark at the Moon’ and ‘Crazy Train’ amidst creepy winning symbols like a skull, bat, raven, crucifix, black rose, and Ozzy himself. This game is all about Ozzy’s famous dark aesthetic and transports you into his black world. If you are intrigued and daring enough to enter, you can play casino games here. 

Guns N’ Roses

The Guns N’ Roses-themed online casino games feel like a live concert event with the band performing amongst a rowdy crowd in the background while you play.  This game features five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines, as well as free spins, win multipliers, and a special bonus round. When you win, the crowd of screaming fans cheers you on with arms raised while the band plays your favorite albums including Appetite for Destruction, Chinese Democracy, and Use Your Illusion I and II. The stars of the game are, of course, Axl Rose, Duff Mckagan, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, and Slash, and the best part: you can choose which song you want to rock while you play. 


Iconic British metal band Motorhead released several successful genre-bending albums over their 35-year career single-handedly influencing heavy metal, thrash metal, and speed metal, but did you know their frontman Lemmy Kilmister was a passionate gambler? The album ‘Ace of Spades’ written by Lemmy is an ode to his favorite pastime and he mentions his love for gambling in his biopic ‘Lemmy: The Movie.’ And unlike most musicians who prefer poker and other table games, Lemmy preferred slots. 

Motorhead’s online slot game has five reels and 76 pay lines. While playing, you are immersed in a metal concert with game graphics picturing musical instruments, speakers, stage lights, and amplifiers all while playing your favorite Motorhead tunes. 

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