February 27, 2024
Metal Shout

Metal Family is one of the latest anime series on Netflix. The action-adventure and drama series follows a Russian family of metal fans. Check Metal Family characters, seasons, and wiki below!

Metal Family is a famous Russian web series created in 2018 by Alina Kovaleva. It follows the family of Victoria and Sebastian “Glam” Shvagenbagen along with their two children Dee and Heavy. All of the characters adore metal music and are judged and avoided by other people because of their unconventional lifestyles.

Metal Family characters

In this series each character has their own personality: Victoria and Glam, two metalheads in love with one another, and their two children, Heavy and Dee. It also follows the family’s inventive problem-solving methods daily and expresses many clichés. Dee is 15 years old, and Heavy is 13 years old. Victoria is 37 years old, and Glam is 39-40 years old.

  • Evgeny Blinnikov/George Hoctor – Glam
  • Dmitry Vdovenko/London Hartman – Heavy
  • Alina Kovaleva/Iisa Schuneman – Victoria
  • Randolph Castellanos – Dee
  • Elliot Cancel – Chive
  • Kylie Ann/Polina Polifonia – Mrs. Shvagenbagen
  • Roman Volkov – Gustav Shvagenbagen
  • David Villanueva – Curly

Metal Family seasons

Metal Family series aired on September 13, 2018, in Russian, with English subtitles, added later, and will run from 2020.

The pilot episode also served as a music video for Avantasia‘s song “The Story Ain’t Over.” It has broadcast an English version of the episodes on a different YouTube channel since February 2021, with a funny 3-minute teaser promoting the release of the English dub. The 10-episode first season streamed on YouTube till 2021, while the second season began in late December 2021. Oksana Gunchenko assisted in the translation and adaptation of the series’ episodes.

Now, the Metal Family fans are waiting for season 2. We will let you know when Netflix shares good news for upcoming and new seasons.

The series has gotten favorable feedback from fans, with over 240 fan reviews on Archive of Our Own, lots of views on YouTube, and high IMDB rankings. Also, more people follow a show fan site on the Russian language social media network VK.

This is fantastic for a series featuring relatively new voice performers, with this series serving as their first major role, as well as animators. Some are active in other independent animation projects, such as Kylie Ann, who is an animator on the anime/cartoon series Legends of Myiorda. Some have prior experience working on Russian language projects.

When is season 2 of the Metal Family series?

Metal Family season 2 released in late 2021. The season comprises two episodes. And, we will also explore what happened in the backstories of Heavy and Dee. New characters such as Dee’s crush and his classmate Diana will appear again and again.

About the series upcoming episodes:

Heavy, one of the Metal Family‘s characters Helluva Boss (Heavy) an actual Instagram account where he posts honest images from his life. This helps viewers to become more involved in the show. There’s also an official store where you can buy show-related stuff.

Metal Family’s voice acting and animation were fascinating. The characters were complex enough and not clichés, which piqued my interest in what was to follow. Finally, I’d suggest this series to anybody who likes funny and strong characters, music, and exciting storytelling.

Watch the first episode below!

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