February 26, 2024
Melodic Duo ARTBAT Announces Artur Will Step Away As He Undergoes Surgery

Melodic duo ARTBAT announced earlier today that one of their members, Artur, will undergo urgent surgery meaning he will miss upcoming performances and shows.

In a statement on their Instagram stories, ARTBAT announced that Artur will undergo surgery and is going through a “life-depending stage” where he will need time for treatment and recovery.

Therefore, Batish will perform solo until further notice leaving Artur time to focus on his health.

ARTBAT consists of Artur and Batish, two Ukrainian artists whose work has referenced the Russian invasion of their home country and the horror they feel during this time of devastation. Their music preaches “stand together as one,” a sentiment echoed as one of their members goes through a difficult time.

But they are confident Artur will return to ARTBAT, saying, “That being said, we are not stopping to work on music, on the contrary.  We just have to through this important period of time with strength and support.  Artur will be back stronger than ever.”

Read ARTBAT’s full statement on Artur’s health and temporary absence from the group below:

Featured image from ARTBAT

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