March 29, 2023
tory lanez x megan thee stallion

Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-bestie, Kelsey Harris, can’t seem to remember anything. Stepping into her second day of cross-examination at the Los Angeles Superior Court.


Harris’ second day testimony continued with questions from the prosecution, which she continued to answer:  “I don’t remember.”

Once the defense joined the cross-examination, Tory Lanez’ attorneys outright asked Harris if at any point Lanez, his office, or anyone on Lanez have contacted her with a bribe — “No,” she said.

George Mgdesyan, one of two of Lanez’s attorneys, pointed out to Harris though she had an attorney, evoked her fifth amendment right, and “made a deal” with the district attorney — she could still be charged for some aspects of the case. 

After a brief counsel with her attorney, and back on the stand, Harris said she felt pressured by the district attorney as they showed up at her door insisting she interview with them and if she didn’t testify she could go to jail. She also said felt pressured during the prosecution cross-examination.

The doctor who treated Megan at Cedar Sinai Medical Center the early morning of the Jul 12, 2022 shooting presented the court with x-rays of Megan’s feet. In the short testimony, the doctor called the cause of the wounds — fragments.

The prosecution is adding a Tweet from Megan and Harris into evidence. However, the defense objected and said they haven’t had time to review it.

The defense is also pushing for the testimony of  Detective Ryan Stogner, who was supposedly fired from the LAPD, but instead he was placed on leave in October after being accused of domestic violence” by the LAPD, according to the Los Angeles county district attorney’s office.

The defense considers Stogner an important witness in trial as he is allegedly the lead detective who didn’t swab Harris for GSR and making it difficult to prove if Harris had gunpowder residue on her hands.

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