February 26, 2024
Megan Thee Stallion SNL Appearance Before Break

Fans of both Megan Thee Stallion and SNL got a treat yesterday when she got her glow on as the guest performer.

Life In The Public Eye Isn’t Easy.

Living one’s life full-out in the limelight is part and parcel of being a superstar. No matter how one moves, someone is always there to report on it. Megan, being the star she is, knows the price of celebrity. Whether it’s a good or bad day, the world somehow gains access.

Meg Has A Bad Day

Two days ago, Megan’s name was again plastered across global headlines. Her home was burglarized, leaving her with $300,000 fewer assets than she had Friday morning. However, despite being one of the less-than-ideal days, Thee Stallion showed tremendous maturation in the aftermath.

While this is an extreme incident that raises immense anxiety, no one’s life is without moments of intensity. But, unfortunately, stress becomes a regular part of existence with the yin-and-yang of being in the industry. And Megan knows more than a thing or two about that.

Living By Example

On October 15, 2022, Megan Thee Stallion headlined SNL. While on the show, she expounded on her hectic schedule and achievements. But more importantly, she re-addressed the topic of anxiety through words and song. As it is written in her “Anxiety” lyrical flow,

“Badb*****s have bad days, too. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, bounce back how a bad b**** always do.”

Who’s that “bad b****?” Meg, of course. As she noted during her opening, she being “that b****,” has had her share of losses and wins. But she doesn’t let that stop her.

Meg is a living demonstration that nothing is abnormal about acknowledging bad days and periods of anxiety or seeking healing, rest, and help when needed. Thus, the existence of badbitcheshavebaddaystoo.com, a mental health resource founded by the artist.

Megan Thee Stallion On SNL

Megan’s appearance and performance on SNL were genuinely inspiring. However, her penchant for being a living, breathing example is even more inspiring. Following her appearance on SNL, Meg was in no way ashamed about announcing her need for a break. As she exclaimed to her followers on Twitter, she needs relaxation. And she aims to do what she needs to do and get what she deserves, rest.

For those who missed Megan’s performance check out the replay below.

In a world where anxiety and accompanying mental health disorders are rampant, it’s good to see transparency. It’s good to see leadership through example. So, with that said, may the “Hot Girl Coach” get all the rest she deserves and come back hotter and stronger than ever.

Written by Renae Richardson

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