December 5, 2023
Megan Thee Stallion Mental Health Website Launch

Megan Thee Stallion has been in the news for multiple reasons recently. However, promoting her new mental health website garners the artist’s utmost attention and respect.

Megan Introduces A Helpline For The Hotties

On September 25th, Megan Thee Stallion used her platform to promote her newest project, a multi-tiered website, to address mental health. The resource shares a title with a single made famous by the artist “Bad B****** Have Bad Days Too.” According to the LA Times, the site is also resource-rich.

“It highlights numerous resources, ranging from therapy platforms to hotlines.”

Everybody Needs Somebody

It is no secret that Megan Thee Stallion supports mental health. In the fall of last year, the artist went public with her journey to pursuing self-care in mental health. As covered in the October issue of People, Megan’s pursuit of mental health assistance was triggered by personal tragedy. The artist said her feelings at the time were,

“I’ve lost my parents. Oh my gosh, who do I talk to, and what do I do?”

After convincing herself, it was okay to seek some help, she took the appropriate steps. Thus began her journey toward the wholeness she not only needed but deserved.

Megan Pays it Forward

Unfortunately, the community has long had a stigma surrounding mental health. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health,

“Despite the needs, only one in three Black adults with mental illness receive treatment.”

But the scales continue to tip toward change thanks to more outstanding education and open conversations about mental health’s imperative nature. And Megan Thee Stallion has joined those becoming instrumental agents of that change. As the artist also wrote on Twitter,

“Hotties! You know how much mental wellness means to me, so I created a hub with resources to help when you might need a hand.”

And that’s undoubtedly something to be celebrated.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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