April 13, 2024
Meet the Artists Shaping the Wave Music Scene - EDM.com

Since starting out as a simple hashtag on SoundCloud in 2017, Wave has become one of the most dynamic trends in the electronic music scene.

Initially championed by Plastician on his weekly “Rinse FM” show, the Wave genre has grown into its own flourishing DIY ecosystem, branching out and mutating into a bona fide movement.

While trap music was at a dead end and drum & bass hadn’t yet exploded in the U.S., the Wave scene was thriving. Borrowing influences from U.K. dubstep, cloud rap, grime, witch house and trance, the sound steadily infiltrated the underground until it reached the ears of RL Grime. Due in part to his support of Skeler’s track “Arcadia” at EDC Las Vegas 2019, Wave catapulted into the spotlight.

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