June 2, 2023

We’ve had a chance to interview yet another amazing artist Tabaris. Up and coming Artist Fayetteville NC based singer-songwriter Tabaris has an extraordinary sound. Cutting straight through to the listener’s emotions. With a passion for songwriting from an early age. Tabaris’s  lyrics and melodies set him apart. He is definitely making his own path. Truly A versatile artist whose vocals have the power to make others have A profound response.

From being influenced by Artist like Prince, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, lil Wayne to J.cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean, 6lack and Miguel just to name a few. With over 20,000 streams from his single “Hurt” and now close to 40,000 streams from latest single “Deposits.” Tabaris shows that he is here to stay. Be sure to look for his next project.

Lisa: Define the mission of Tabaris.

Tabaris: My mission Is to break generational curses. Make sure I am able to touch the world is some way shape or form and leave a legacy.

Lisa: What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

Tabaris: My biggest surprise would have to be people I have never know reaching out telling me about my music. That felt amazing. Even a few major artist.

Challenge wise would have to be asking myself what next.. ? How can I do better. Who to work with and why. Just always want to out do myself.

Lisa: Do you tend to follow any pre-defined patterns when composing a song?

Tabaris: I Like to have low light when recording.. Weird but it seems to help.  I like to not think about what I’m going to say but just let it flow out. I seem to get better outcomes that way.

Lisa: Your singles “Deposits” & “Hurt “are getting some nice traction on Spotify, and I love them. What inspired you to write them?

Tabaris: Deposits is my latest single. I felt like in the times we are currently in it’s been crazy. People out of work etc.. Those who where able to turn this curse into a blessing. By making a business. New online clothing business, Food Catering and more.. and these people are making money!  plus I felt like this song is a club banger and would get people moving.

Hurt was done for those who did not have anyone for Valentine’s Day. just felt like people could relate vs having a relationship or not. I just would always try to keep songs relatable!

Lisa: How did you document the music while it was being formulated?

Tabaris: It all depends on the mood that I am in. Sometimes stuff just comes to me and I my write them down and safe it. Other times I might just freestyle and clean it up.

Lisa: Describe your approach to recording.

Tabaris: I love hearing what producers send me so please reach out haha. I honestly will play the beat for maybe 15 to 30 seconds. After that I will upload it and just take whatever route I’m feeling at the moment. The beat definitely has to put me in a mind set.

Lisa: What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

Tabaris: I tend to look at everything as a business. overall I try to think ahead asking myself what can I do next. I look at this as stepping tools. The music gives me motivation to keep going.. Especially when people reach out to me about it.

Lisa: What is the most useless talent you have?

Tabaris: Good question haha.. I’d have to say Sleep!! I feel I could get so much more done with out it.. We all need it So this would definitely have to be my useless talent for sure.

Lisa: How do you nourish your creative side when you’re not working? And how do you avoid burnout?

Tabaris: It’s very important to take time for yourself. I actually like to listen to other people’s music. I like to dig in deep to truly understand where the artist is coming from. Overall this boost my creative side and makes me more competitive when it comes to music.

Lisa: What are some newer projects that you are currently working on?

Tabaris: I am currently working on an album. Plan to release  end of year. Not to sound cliche but it’s a really good work of art. It will be a little different than what people expect from me. I believe when people see the title they’ll understand way.

Lisa: At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Tabaris: Just major growth in all shapes and forms. To help others with music. I believe music is a universal language and to share my music. Overall to show I am here to stay for a while!

Thank you!

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