October 4, 2023
Queennak was born in Sierra Leone, the west coast of Africa’s Atlantic Ocean.  MOTHER: Zainab Bangura (Trader), FATHER: Ahmed Adarkwa Koroma (Principal at the Port Loko Teacher’s College). Growing up, She was very intelligent, always coming home with the best grades and within the 1st 3 best students.
She attended the Saint Joseph’s Primary School Freetown where she sat the (NPSE) National Primary School Examination and graduated. She attended the best Secondary school in the country: SAINT JOSEPH’S JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL in which after her 3rd year, she took the (B.E.C.E) BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION and got promoted to the Senior Secondary School. She Later after another 3 years, sat the Private (W.A.S.S.C.E) WEST AFRICA SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION and graduated to College.
Queennak was very active, She engaged in so many college and publlic activities during her 1st 2 years in college. Because of her hard works and passion for arts and humanity, She was crowned the Queen Of Embrix Club 2011 and thats how she got the QUEEN. During Her Country’s 50th independence anniversary, She met her chinese husband who was different from her in so many ways, they got married and moved to china where she gave birth to a handsome china Africa Son name Prince Yang. Queennak Learnt the chinese language, chinese culture, Food and became a well known public figure in china. She moved to America 2019 to follow her dreams, start a new life and promote cultural exchange between, AFRICA, ASIA & AMERICA.
Musical Artist, Painter, Fashion Designer, Reality Tv Personality, Humanitarian & Activist. 
China’s Black 1st Lady
The 1st Foreigner to represent China at the Millan Expo Arts Exhibition.
The 1st Sierra Leonean to represent her country at the YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES ARTS EXHIBITION
The Queen of Sierra Leoneans in New York.
CEO & Founder Of Queennak Foundation, Queennak Luxury Brand, Du Yi International Cultural Festival & The Sierra Leone Win A Million Dollar Home.

Lisa: What first got you into music?

Queennak: Thank you so much GOT MUSIC TALENT for hosting me, I truly appreciate. One day, I was waiting for a taxi at LUMLEY in FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE 🇸🇱 WEST AFRICA. It was a sunny day so I asked the owners of a little CD shop to allow me sit and wait for the next Cab. While I was waiting, I was watching videos aw well, I came across a video which made me want to dance. The owners of the shop told me they knew the artists on the Video, they’re families with them, they live together and they’ll introduce me to them, I was super excited, they gave them a call and introduced us. Augustine (Austen Venn ), is his name. The way I spoke with him led him to come meet me right at the shop. We talked a while and He told me he wanted me to help him organize a beauty pageant show because He thinks I looked just like a professional model, but I wasn’t, I was just young and slim. I accepted his offer and we started working together, then later, he needed a female voice to respond to some of his songs, I was scared coz I’ve never done music before but he said it’s ok, he’ll guide me so I called one of my friends to join me and we both recorded the songs for him.

But since then I never really did anything Music for myself till I moved to China with my newly wedded Chinese whusband who came to Africa just a marry a wife, we had language, cultures and so many other differences /barriers, we used art, culture and music to communicate and since then, I started doing Chinese opera, songs, arts and became a household name in China.

Lisa: What did you wanted to become when you were a child?

Queennak: When I was a child, I wanted to be a Lawyer / Doctor / Accountant. But I ended up studying business administration in college. During school days, I was very good in sports. I always took part in different activities and was always the best in short-put, & Long Jump mostly. I noticed I was very active and creative, always looking to create content then I met my director, ALFRED from LEGEND MOVIES, in the Sierra Leone Music Industry. We shot a movie while in college. I participated in various entertainment and other activities in college and I was crowed the Queen of Embrix Royal Club in 2011, not too long before I got married and moved to China.

Lisa: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Queennak: My main type of music is called AFRO-BEATS but I do mix it up with dancehall, reggae, lovers rock and looking to do more in the future.

Lisa: What is your creative process like?

Queennak: As mothers, we don’t normally get enough time to create exactly what we want because, we have to put our children before us. Especially if you don’t have enough resources or people that believe in you and ready to push you, there’s always some difficulties that’s why most mothers loose hopes on their dreams. By the time we done taking care of our kids, the home, husbands and the rest of our families, we’re already exhausted, no time to concentrate on ourselves.

For me, even though it can be tough most times, I balance it with passion, I see the beauty out of everything around me and try to make an art out of it. When I wake up in the morning & start saying my prayers, I sometimes get inspiration through that.

When I get hurt, i release stress by putting the lyrics on a beat. I also get inspiration through cooking, cleaning, in the eyes of my son and the most recent inspiration I had was through my husband. The song title is POUR IT ON ME, i just released it in July 2020. In the song, I tell the story of how my husband made me felt, things he said and do to me. The reason is because I want more Afro men to be inspired by my man and keep doing those amazing things to their Women and also Afro women be more appreciative of these things our men do to us, so we can get a harmonious homes.

Lisa: I really liked your single” WHAT’A GUAN”. Can you tell me more about it? What’s it about, and how did you get inspiration to write it?


What’a Guan is my most famous song, and in simply form, the woman is asking the man what’s up with all the promises you made to me?

African women Since Ancient days, have been going through a lot. We face lots of Discrimination, beating, rape and so many gender based violences. Thanks to our First Lady who’s also my adopted Mom H.E Fatima Maada Bio, First Lady Of The Republic Of Sierra Loone, she recently launched her HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS project to stop these violences against women, girls and children.

The song tells the story of a woman who love her husband so much, gave him her body, money, her heart a beautiful life, and he ended up betraying her trust.

I’ve been a victim of violence ever since I was a child, this is one of those days when I use my experience and the experiences of those around me to cry for help, to ease myself and speak up for others who can’t speak, through Music. Women and children are scared to express their feelings and things they go through because they’re scared of what society will say.

You can feel my voice was cracky on the song, you can tell that I was really tired of it all and wanted to say enough is enough, Women must be treated with love, compassion and respect, I was really frustrated so I released it out in just few lyrics. Once I got to the mike, I sang till the end and I never repeated  or did it twice, because the first try is always unique and Original, I want anytime I listen to the song, I should be able to enjoy now the pain I felt back then, and why I did the song in the first place. Thats all about my art, that’s why they classify me as “great artists”

I love to value and keep the little things that people think doesn’t necessary. I think it’s beautiful to come strong out of pain and also get an evidence that reminds you so you know where you came from and where you should head to. I loved the way it came out. I wanna thank my producer Wilbert and the people that supported me at that time I did the song. Thanks to God almighty for making me a voice of the voiceless. A lot of African women appreciated it.


The idea of the What’a Guan video is: to hide the things the guy did so that fans can guess, shoot directly to what happened next.

“The Lady seduced her man, drunken him, took him to a hide out space, tied him on a chair and beat him with a baseball-bat. We shot this part in Washington DC.

The ladies I used on the videos are prints and commercial models in Hollywood, we shot their part in Culver City & Hollywood area. The boat scenes was at new port beach, I featured TYRA BANK’S AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL “Ivanawest” who fashioned for me in China before she became a household name in America.

The idea was put together by me, my director Rowland and other Sierra Leonean stars in Maryland “WILLIE JAY”, “RAHIM D WEZARD”, “A TOWN” & “FREEKY LYFE”

Lisa: What are you currently working on?

Queennak: I’m working on building my USA 🇺🇸 fan base and releasing my 1st Album WHATA GUAN, im also a face of WIN A MILLION DOLLARS HOME RAFFLE FOR SIERRA LEONEANS. I’m also looking for opportunities to make a Hollywood name, and use my platform to promote cultural exchange between Africa, Asia and America because these are the 3 continents I’ve actually started establishing, once I make a name in the US, other parts of the world will definitely be my TO DO NEXT. I’m calling on everyone to come on board and support me, I have a lot to offer in terms of performances and creativity. I cannot only do music, I can also do reality tv, Cultural exchange, Contemporary Arts, Fashion and Designing along side my charity works.

Lisa: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Queennak: I want to first of all thank my fans for their love and support, they’ve been viewing my audios and videos, liking, commenting and sharing my contents, following me on different social media platforms and I just became a verified artist on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and amazon music and it’s all because of their recommendations, good reviews and comments that got me verified. if it wasn’t because of them, I wouldn’t have been who I am today and I wouldn’t be pushing still, I want to appreciate them from the bottom of my heart, I promise to never fail you guys but to always entertain y’all with creative and interesting contents. Please be patient with me as I am still learning and have a very long way to go, I will be sending out free CDs / T-shirt’s & wristbands to all my fans that like, comment and share this interview. Please continue to support me, tell your friends and families to do so too. Always be positive, work hard, persevere, uplift and help others, pray and keep chasing your dreams. May the good Lord continue to bless, Guide and protect you all. Amen 🙏


Lisa: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Queennak: PAINTER• FASHION DESIGNER • REALITY TV PERSONALITY • HUMANITARIAN & ACTIVIST. I might have also been a lawyer or accountant or doctor alongside my charities

Lisa: You have a lot of passion for arts and humanity. Can you tell us a bit more about that?


That have been my symbol, I love to help, ever since I was a kid, I’ll see someone suffering and I give them all I have then I end up having nothing left with me.

I’ve been no body in the beginning, I’ve been through a lot, people take advantage of me a lot, I grew up with my step mom and siblings and I was disowned when I was 17 years old. All these things made me stronger.

They say: experience is the best teacher. I’ve been through pains so I know how it feels when I see someone going through it or worse. I believe that the reason why so many doors are opening for me, is because I help before even someone request, except if I don’t have it. I’ll sometimes just wake up in the morning, call my friends and tell them I feel like donating, we’ll head to shopping places, get so many stuffs and then head to these communities and donate. Sometimes after a successful event or if someone put a smile on my face or even when I go through hell, I’ll do donations because I believe it’s the only key that brings back my happiness. I think I resemble my mom, she used to be very helpful and friendly, I’ll send her money and gifts from China and she will share them amongst all her neighbors then tell them that I sent it for them and they should pray for God to Bless and protect me.

My friends advices me to open a foundation. I did “Queennak Foundation” Charity organization which I registered in my country. My biggest donations so far was during the Ebola when I sold my arts, books and designs to my Chinese friends and fans and donated to Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 Guinea 🇬🇳 and Liberia 🇱🇷 with my team. I also have been donating a lot to the African community in China and all around the world. Hers a link to one of my donations here in the US

Family from across the world donates to dorcas house

During this COVID19, me and my husband bought face shields and donated to the NEW YORK CITY MAYOR. See attachments below

Lisa: Which famous musicians and artists do you admire?

Queennak: When I was a child, I used to listen to Steady Bongo a lot, hes from my country, he’s my all time favorite because he tells stories in his songs and he don’t just focus on getting the Tune perfect but to get the story to always stand out. When I was in middle school, I listened to Beyoncé and Rihanna a lot, I love them and hope to work with them someday. When I met my Chinese husband, the first Chinese show I watched on tv was a famous Musician called “DENG LI JUIN” she was “Jackie Cheng” X lover (the kungfu Hollywood Star) her music brought me closer to the Chinese culture, the people and learning the language. 

Lisa: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Queennak: When I lost my mom that was a big trouble for me to cope with. I always wanted my mom to come stay in China with me but she prefers her little village “Goodrich” She wanted to give me space so I can live my life with my husband and kid, even when she got ill, she knew she couldn’t make it but she never told because she don’t want to disturb us, then one day the neighbors told me, I went home with my son, Praise God I was able to see her for the last time, We admitted her and the doctors told me her condition, kidney failure. I did all I can but they couldn’t fix it so a doctor adviced me to fly with her over here in the states so they can treat her, when I came to the US, I was trying to arrange her hospitals and traveling procedures then she passed. I never wanted her to go, not yet, we had a lot to talk about, She’s been through a lot in this life so I wanted to make her the most happiest woman in the world, I became very sad, moved in with a friend just so I can have people around me to tell me it will all be ok. I lost hope, Im still young and I need my Mom to be around to guid me, I enjoy when she prays for God’s Blessings upon me and I needed that a lot. I lost so much hope in myself and then the friend I moved in with started taking advantage of me which even made me more mad because the things outsiders do to us our mothers will never do. I moved out of her place and got married with my long time friend, he made me understand that God loves my mom more than me, she’s in safe place and I should start taking care and focus on us and our kids.

Lisa: What are your plans for the future?

Queennak: Too many difficulties for women and children in this ENTERTAINMENT FIELD. My husband have passion for Real estate so In the future, We’ll be building an empire to build stars, help the poor and promote cultural exchanges between Africa, Asia and America. Definitely would include other continents as I get the exposure and the support. I started building a school so that kids in my village can go to school for free but I still need to roof and furnish it, so in the near future, I’ll finish it and build other useful places for them like hospital, lek and so on. Last hear when my son turned 7 years old, I organized a talent show for them NAK KIDS GOT TALENT. I reserved 10 townlot of lands for the kids, I’ll also be adding some interesting activities on the land so they can feel comfortable while they live there.

Thank you!

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