April 22, 2024

Giorgio Ardente is a French pianist and composer. His first single “Biolesens” is a piano piece inspired by the natural movements of nature.

After having succeeded in seducing the critics and the public, during the release of the Single “Biolesens”, ranking in the Top 50 ambient novelties and second in the Top 50 ambient of Soundcloud, Giorgio Ardente tells us on social networks that his next releases are in preparation. With “Biolesens” Giorgio Ardente offers music full of strength and passion !

The details of each note make his piece brilliant and universal. We can only advise you to follow the artist on Soundcloud, Youtube and also on social networks. We predict that you will not finish hearing from him.

Lisa: Hello Giorgio! What initially attracted you to the piano and why did you decide to pursue it professionally?

Giorgio: When I was a child, my parents accidentally inherited an old piano. This instrument captivated me and I started playing it all day long, which prompted my parents to sign me up for piano lessons.

In the end, it was my friends and my wife who pushed me to share my compositions. I noticed that they were still listening to songs I shared with them a long time ago and that made me think that my music could appeal to a wider audience …

Lisa: What has been the most difficult piece of music you’ve mastered thus far?

Giorgio: I took piano lessons from when I was 6 years old until I was 18 with Jacques F., my friend and dear piano teacher at the Metz Conservatory in France, who taught me everything.

During those years I studied a lot of pieces from the classical and neoclassical repertoire. I think the most complex to play was undoubtedly Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu…

Lisa: Do you have any special routine at the moment?

Giorgio: You know, it’s a bit of a special time for everyone I think … Working in healthcare, my days are very busy and packed with all sorts of emotions because of Covid19.

Every evening when I get home I play for several hours on my piano … Whenever I compose music, I like to replace the sheet music with a photograph of my dog Timmy that I lost last year. This is my special routine !


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Lisa: Do you compose in your downtime? Do you have sketches of ideas in your desk drawer that someday will become compositions?

Giorgio: Yes, indeed … I compose as soon as I have a little time for myself!

Indeed, I have several melodies in mind that just need to be put down in writing and performed …

Lisa: Who is your piano idol, living or dead?

Giorgio: This is a very complex question because I admire many artists!

I would say that I particularly like the compositions of Claude Debussy.

Among living artists, I have infinite respect for an American artist called Ronald Jenkees, who composes electronic music on the synthesizer …

Lisa: Your composition ‘Biolesens’ is in Top 50 charts for Soundcloud Ambient. This piece was inspired as you say from “observing the intertwined moves of birds and marine animals” Could you tell us more about that?

Giorgio: I am fortunate to be able to play in a beautiful natural setting. Through the window, during the first lockdown this spring in France, I observed swarms of birds through the bay window. This fascinated me, and I composed Biolesens, tracing my notes on their movements. I had the fascinating sensation of getting closer to them, without knowing if it was I who accompanied them on the piano or if it was them who danced to my music… This is why I can only advise to listen to Biolesens while observing nature!

Lisa: How do you differ from other pianists?

Giorgio: Technically, I would say that my left hand is more often used to develop the melody… Whereas a lot of pianists do that with the right hand!

Musically, I don’t know. Tell me … (Laughs)

Lisa: What music do you listen to when you’re at home?

Giorgio: I am quite eclectic and enjoy many genres of music … I especially enjoy listening to classical and neoclassical music. Right now I love listening to cellist Stjepan Hauser.

Lisa: If you could play any other instrument, which would you choose and why?

Giorgio: I think I would choose the cello. No doubt for the particularity of the sounds it produces, its prestige and the possibility of taking myself for Hauser! (Laughs)

Lisa: Your new releases are in preparation, what can we expect?

Giorgio: I am in the process of recording my first album. This is a very personal album in which you’ll be able to find more peacefull music than Biolesens (by the way a solo piano version of Biolesens is planned in this album).

You’ll be also able to find some romantic music or even music targeting philosophical themes echoing the future challenges of humanity.

The album will probably be released during 2021 …

Thank you for your this interview and your interest in my work!

Thank you Giorgio!

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