January 31, 2023

Tina Küchler has been making music under the artist name Dreamy Dreamer since May 10, 2018.

The music that she makes is a soundmix of: Soundtracks, Synthesizer, Synthwave, New Retro Wave, Chillwave, Dreamwave, Italo Disco, 80s, Synthpop, J Pop, Eurodance, Vaporwave, Melancholic. (Fantasy, Orient, Mystic, Horror, Space, SciFi).

“I really like mixing these sounds. My muse and inspiration is SANDRA (Sandra Lauer Cretu), a German pop singer, known from the 80s”

Lisa: How did you come up with your artist name? What is the significance of this name?

Dreamy Dreamer: I was looking for a stage name that suits me and tried with words back and forth which combination would fit. It took me a few days to get it. Little by little, Dreamy Dreamer came into being.

The stage name reflects me 100%. I’ve always been very dreamy in kindergarten and school and I still am today.

Lisa:I would love to know what studio you work in looks like? What is it like writing, recording and producing all of your music there?

Dreamy Dreamer: I don’t have a studio at all, and financially I can’t afford a studio. My music is created in my apartment on the laptop with the music program Magix Music Maker, this is my “studio” so to speak.

I am very interested in music, including making music myself, and wanted to use the music program to find out whether I am musical. It has made my passion for music even bigger. There is still so much to learn and discover.

Lisa: Your sound would be classified as synth-pop/singer-songwriter, but if you had to describe it without using genre names, how would you describe it?

Dreamy Dreamer: I would describe my sound as dreamy, imaginative, joyful, playful and also melancholic. There are sounds from: Synthwave, 80s, New Retro Wave, Dreamwave, Chillwave, Vaporwave, Dark Synth, Eurodance, 90s, Japan-Pop, Anime and many more.

Lisa: Going off of that, who are some of your musical influences?

Dreamy Dreamer: My musical influence is singer SANDRA (Sandra Lauer Cretu, a German pop singer, known from the 80s). I’ve been a mega SANDRA fan since 1993, when I was just 9 years old. SANDRA is my muse and inspiration. I also take films and series as an incentive and create my own interpretation.

Lisa: Let’s talk about your single, “Hope” Where did the inspiration for this track come from?

Dreamy Dreamer: I always go for the feeling, the emotion, how I feel in this moment and should work on it until the sound / music is how I want it to be. As inspiration I take my mood and mix it with my imagination.

Lisa: You also do a lot of covers, with your own unique sound. Do you feel like your adding something unique when covering a song?

Dreamy Dreamer: In my music, even in the cover versions, my dreamy side is somehow always there, always comes through. I am always on my mind. I think that’s what’s unique about my music, my dreamy personality.

Lisa: Do you have plans to release more songs and/or a full collection of new music?

Dreamy Dreamer: Yes, step by step I plan to publish more singles. On September 7th 2020 my third Sounds of Neptune (Cover) will be released as a single, on Spotify, Amazon etc.

Lisa: How do you think you have grown as a musician since you first started making music?

Dreamy Dreamer: Yes, I think I’ve grown as a musician. I’ve been making music since May 10th, 2018. It doesn’t always succeed immediately, sometimes you need several attempts to succeed. And in the end I’m always happy that it’s finished and I hope the audience likes it.

Lisa: Are you planning any collaborations in the future? Who would you absolutely love to work with in the future?

Dreamy Dreamer: There was once a request from Jens Gad (he also produced SANDRA, among other things). I’m still very excited when he wrote to me on September 24th, 2019. I would very much like to work with Jens Gad, but unfortunately that is too expensive for me.

I would like to work with singer SANDRA and also with Michael Cretu or Peter Ries.

Lisa: At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Dreamy Dreamer: In the end, I hope the audience likes it. I am always very happy about every single listener I was able to reach.

Lisa: What’s next for you?

Dreamy Dreamer:

This interview here, for example. I have often asked myself what it would be like to give an interview one day. Is my first interview.
Thank you very much dear Lisa for the nice interview. It was a pleasure for me. 🙂
Thank you Dreamy Dreamer!
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