October 6, 2022

Hello everyone my name is Dee Lucc also known as 1111 Lucc on youtube i’m a independent artist conscious woke rapper. 


I’m deep into numerology, astrology, and spiritual wellness from Detroit, Michigan im 27 years old i was born in New Orleans, Louisiana 1993 but i move to Detroit when i was 3 years old. 


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I started rapping when i turn 10 years old. I had watch the movie 8 mile as a kid i was inspire to do music so i use to write alot of raps inside of my composition book i use call myself “deeboy tracks”.


i use to rap over beats and record myself on my phone as if i was really in a studio i never stop writing ever since im big hip hop fanatic. i fell in love with the battle rap scene i was also inspire by Murda Mook and Reed Dollaz the first time i was introduce to a studio.  i took it serious was the year 2011 i was in a music group called “BBMG” also known as Blood Brothers Music Group. 


It was 7 of us i use go by “Dee Smoove” we start doing music recording doing music videos competing at rap events like bullfrog, nick’s gaslight bar until time eventually separated us apart but i never gave up i went solo independent.

I start using soundcloud and Distro Kid to promote my music on different platforms now im here my talent took some grit in grind but im glad i can finally start making a living off what i love doing. 

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