February 23, 2024
Mau P

Mau P unleashes another banger of a track, “Your “Mind Is Dirty,” out now on John Summit’s Off The Grid Records.

Mau P has made a highly-anticipated return to the release radar with a track that has been playing for months in clubs, sets, and festivals all over the globe. With the release of two hit singles, “Drugs From Amsterdam” and “Gimme That Bounce,” he is now again making waves with his latest single, “Your Mind Is Dirty.” The track saw the light of day in its debut during his electrifying Countdown NYE set in 2022, creating a stir of excitement among his devoted fan base. Social media platforms quickly became abuzz with speculation as fans eagerly sought to uncover the identity of this enigmatic track. 

The esteemed DJ and producer has been tantalizing his fanbase with an abundance of unreleased music, carefully hidden up his sleeves for quite some time. However, in a departure from his usual practice of unveiling his tracks during thrilling sets, he has decided to grant his devoted fans the opportunity to revel in his latest release publicly. Mau P ascends to new heights as he joins the prestigious Off The Grid Records, led by the esteemed John Summit, with the release “Your Mind Is Dirty.”

From the moment the track begins, the pulsating rhythm takes hold, drawing the audience into a world of musical intrigue. Mau P’s masterful production skills shine through, as he skillfully layers various elements, creating a rich and dynamic sonic landscape. As “Your Mind Is Dirty” unfolds, ethereal melodies delicately weave their way through the composition, adding an enchanting layer of depth and emotion.

Before the second drop takes hold, Mau P employs a sampling technique that includes sexual moans. This audacious choice adds an element of surprise and provocation. By introducing these unconventional sounds, Mau P challenges traditional boundaries and infuses the track with a distinct edge. Mau P’s ability to blend elements of various electronic music genres shines through in “Your Mind Is Dirty.” Drawing inspiration from techno, house, and progressive influences, he creates a unique sonic signature that is distinctly his own.

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