December 2, 2023
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The 1975 frontman Matt Healy talked about their new album, and thoughts for Metallica. Healy also shared more about politics, and the new album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language.”

The 1975 frontman is inside Peter Harrington, a small, spotless bookstore in downtown London that caters to obsessives looking for rare editions and relics. Such as Shakespeare’s folios from the 17th century and slightly damaged dinner invite written by Oscar Wilde. Matt Healy is a frequent visitor to this bookstore.

He began coming here around eight years ago, when The 1975’s debut album launched the band from a scrappy emo-pop boy band to one of the previous decade’s most daring bands, leapfrogging genres at broadband speed, with Matt Healy as their divisive millennial voice. He’s since made friends with colleague Ben Houston, who takes us on a special tour of the shop’s protected inner sanctum.

Houston, the calm professor to Healy’s overeager pupil, recounts the first time he saw the singer in the shop and said, Who the fuck is wearing snakeskin boots? On this Saturday in July, as he takes a break from video and photo shoots for the 1975’s fifth album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, the 33-year-old arena rocker is dressing more simply, in an untucked button-up, white jeans, and beat-up Adidas sneakers.

After that unnecessary information, we can get to our main subject.

“I f**king hate Metallica. My worst band of all time.”

“It’s exhausting to be me. I’m an exhausting person to be around. Not that my parents posture. But by the time it came to being a performer and doing interviews, in my brain I was like, I will go insane if I have to do any of the posturing. I have been witness to my whole life.

“Modernity has failed us. My generation wanna fuck Barack Obama. Am I ironically woke? The butt of my joke? I know that I’m not as smart as I think I am.”

“For me he’s the perfect frontman. ‘Part of the Band’ [Latest The 1975 single]. I often think about how outspoken he’s been about various political issues in this way that I feel like we should expect from punk and hardcore frontman who are very quiet about those things.”

Previously, The 1975 frontman Matt Healy talking about metal musicians and bands:

“I was never into Metallica, I liked Slayer and bands like that. Stuff that I was into was bands like Converge, Glassjaw, the more post-hardcore kind of stuff. I was super into Poison the Well and, I mean, Refused are probably my favorite heavy metal band of all time, that was a big deal for me. It was in the Despair collection, the AFI fan club, and all that kind of stuff.

I mean, there were obvious ones like The Cure and The Smiths, and I’m sure… I think I was probably in some sort of metal phase that he had already grown out of at that point, maybe. So, I was probably into Suicidal Tendencies and Metallica and whatever. He was sort of getting more into like, punk and indie. He sort of found the DC hardcore scene.”

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