April 13, 2024
Mass Shootings Have Increased: New Iteration

As of Mar 22, 2023, there have been more than 100 mass shootings in which at least four individuals were shot. This alarming figure has increased following two recent incidents on Mar 21 in South Carolina and New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the number of such incidents may increase as the year progresses. These tragic events have brought to light the ongoing issue of gun violence in the United States and the urgent need for effective measures to prevent such incidents.

Breaking Down Iterate.ai: The Fascinating Backstory Behind A Game-Changing Company

Iterate.ai, a tech and AI company based in San Jose, CA, has developed the innovative “Threat Awareness Technology” that utilizes cutting-edge AI image recognition to detect weapons. This technology can be easily installed with new and existing cameras, allowing for immediate identification and reaction times to any type of weapon, including concealed firearms, knives, and other weapons hidden through bags, clothing, and walls.

Iterate’s technology operates in more than 4,500 locations across the United States and globally. The company has now committed to making this invention more accessible to schools and other places that need it the most. To promote public safety, Iterate.ai has pledged to offer its “Threat Awareness Technology” to any school that requires it at a low or no cost.

In addition, this innovative technology will play a crucial role in enhancing security and reducing the number of violent incidents. By providing real-time alerts and enabling immediate action, the iteration will provide a vital tool in preventing and mitigating the impact of mass shootings and other violent incidents.

Meet The Co-Founder Behind The Innovative Mass Shootings Prevention Technology Company

Recently, FMHipHop interviewed Co-Founder and Chief Technology/Digital Officer of Iterate.ai, Brian Sathianathan, regarding their new technology system, specifically designed to prevent mass shootings in indoor and outdoor public settings as at institutions.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology/Digital Officer of Iterate.ai, Brian Sathianathan.

The mention of multiple mass shootings occurring since the start of the year has raised questions about how this technology can help minimize the risk of such incidents occurring in indoor and outdoor public spaces.

“Iterate.ai has developed a threat awareness system that leverages AI-based image recognition to identify guns, knives, and robbery masks. Initially, this was developed for our client, a global convenience chain that wanted to improve safety for its customers and employees,” Brian said. “We have piloted this application on-site at convenience stores and schools. By introducing AI image recognition to existing systems, 100s of video streams can be monitored second-by-millisecond with new edge computers that are omni-vigilant. Reaction times are instantaneous (<30ms), with real-time alerts and high accuracy.”

The technology provides an enhanced level of weapon detection within the field of view of a security camera. It can accurately identify weapons, including concealed weapons, and instantly alert authorized personnel when detected. Furthermore, this automation can provide round-the-clock surveillance, an effective support tool for security guards. In an active shooter situation, the technology can provide valuable time for individuals to implement lockdown measures, potentially saving lives.

Breaking Down The Changes: Analyzing How The Latest Iteration Differs From Its Predecessor

Brian asserts that “There have been 100 mass shootings in 2023. This is indicative of a much larger problem. Iterate wants to be a part of the solution; we want to make it safer for kids to go to school, for people to buy groceries and for people to safely enjoy going to church, concerts and restaurants without worrying about their safety.”

After reading the previous article about the “Threat Awareness Technology,” you may be curious if this technology differs from the one designed for schools and businesses. Believe it or not, it is essentially the same system. The primary difference is that most companies already have security cameras. However, many schools do not, which can lead to additional expenses related to camera installation. This is precisely why Iterate.ai strives to make this iteration affordable for schools. “We know that schools operate with extremely limited budgets, and we want to do everything in our power to make it as cost-effective as possible,” Sathianathan said.

The Long Road To Innovation: Exploring the Time And Effort Invested In Creating This Solution

Iterate.ai spent more than a year creating the system, according to Brian, who asserts that it requires extensive training. The company’s team trained the system using more than 25,000 scenarios and images and incorporated an additional 40,000 variations of machine-generated images. Despite the swift and effortless implementation process, the creation of the system itself was a time-consuming process.

Iterate’s Interplay engineers were responsible for creating the “Threat Awareness Technology,” to be precise. A group of five individuals worked together to develop this solution entirely from scratch. “We have dozens of use cases that we deploy, the Threat Awareness technology system was a passion project since we noticed a need to reduce the impact of gun violence and wanted to be a part of the solution,” Brian stated.


The overall security of retail and public areas can be improved by clearly understanding the number of people in the space at any given time. Additionally, analyzing demographic data such as the gender and age of individuals entering the area can also help to strengthen security measures. Credit: iterate.ai

A Comprehensive Overview Of The Promotion And Advantages Of This Innovative Technology

Iterate.ai conducted a pilot of this iteration with schools and tested it commercially in convenience store locations. They extensively promoted the technology on numerous TV and news outlets. According to Brian, this innovation has the potential to reduce the impact of gun violence significantly. His team of engineers aims to increase awareness of the immediate deployment of AI and ML technology in schools, businesses, and other settings.

Brian acknowledges the potential benefits of having a technology system for residential use but clarifies that his team has not yet developed such a system. Nevertheless, he affirms that it is a possibility. Brian’s team can create solutions applicable at various levels, thanks to the versatility of AI and ML technology, as highlighted by Brian.

In addition, this technology “can work over WIFI or via wired camera connections. Our solution is quite flexible,” Sathianathan said. Iterate.ai aims to make this technology accessible on a broad scale. Since gun violence is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention in the United States, they are focusing on implementing the system domestically. However, they are open to deploying it internationally as well.

The Science Behind The System: Analyzing The Accuracy Of The ‘Threat Awareness Technology’

Although specific iterations may result in errors, Iterate.ai’s “Threat Awareness Technology” has an accuracy rate in the high nineties. This high degree of precision instills strong confidence in the technology among the team.

“I will say that the Threat Awareness technology is not a complete replacement to human security guards or other protective measures, but a sophisticated tool to aid personnel in keeping campuses and businesses safe,” the co-founder said. “When it misses identified alerts are sent to a human who could then make the judgment call to act accordingly, the alerts will also contain images of the threat identified, which will make human decision making easier.”

The current security setup involves placing multiple cameras in and around the building connected to a monitoring room. However, the entire system depends on only a couple of people who constantly monitor all the screens for hours. This can lead to errors and fatigue. Unfortunately, the current system is not suitable for large-scale implementation. It suffers from poor accuracy and slow reaction times, and the cost of 24/7 monitoring is high. Credit: iterate.ai

Nikiya Biggs conducted the interview. For more information on this mass shooting prevention system, click here.

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