December 4, 2023
martin garrix

Video games love tapping EDM artists for themes, collaborations, and activations. Obviously you can look at Riot Games who work with plenty on Valorant and League of Legends, but Fortnite, GTA, even Devil May Cry have historically worked with electronic artists to give their franchises some extra hype.

Now, it seems that Marvel’s latest venture into the mobile game world, MARVEL SNAP, has called upon Martin Garrix and JVKE for their new song “Hero.” Sonically, it sounds a lot like a song you would get from the Riot Games library, which makes it really interesting to consider what vibe the mobile card battling game gives for those who haven’t played.

Martin Garrix: ‘’I’m super honored to be a part of this project. I love exploring new territories with my music, and I’m really excited the song is finally out today.’’

Regardless, the song sounds new and fresh from someone like Martin Garrix and it’s quite easy to keep on repeat. Check it out below!


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