April 19, 2024
Marquise Offers One Month of Child Support To Hang With His Dad


50 Cent’s son, Marquise, defined the term time is money through a recent Instagram post. 

Posing on the ground with a wad of cash that spells “entitled,” Marquise left a subliminal message in the caption that reads,

Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money someone tell my pops I will pay him $6,700 for just 24hr of his time so we can do everything I ever wanted to do with him as a kid.”

Marquise’s comment about this specific amount comes after he told the public that 50 Cent handing his mother off $80,000 for child support wasn’t enough. He went on Choke No Joke’s YouTube channel to speak about his and his father’s strained relationship and this very statement. 

 He said “[Child support] is $6,700 a month. In the state of New York City, you do the math… You’re talking about a Forbes lister. You’re talking about someone who has problems with everybody. You can’t just live in any neighborhood. $81,000 isn’t a [substantial amount] of money.”

He asks Choke, “If I told you right now, you gotta start your life over with $6,700 a month and rebuild your life, can you do it?” 

“I know what it feels like to have nothing, alright,” Marquise adds. “I had to rebuild my life over with $6,700 a month.”

Marquise’s photo takes admiration from 50 Cent’s infamous post where he spells “broke” with several single dollar bills. Ironically enough, despite his accomplishments, 50 filed for bankruptcy years ago. 

He argued with the court, saying

“Just because I am photographed in or next to a certain vehicle, wearing an article of clothing, holding a product, sitting next to what appears to be a large sum of money or modeling expensive pieces of jewelry does not mean that I own everything in those photos.”

50 and his son haven’t had the best relationship. In 2020, he elaborated on where they stood during an interview with XXL.

“It’s a sad situation,” he says. “When you pray for success, you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it. It’s no such thing as success without jealousy without envy or entitlement.”

Photo Courtesy of Newsweek

“His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual personal interests,” 50 continues. “So, while being a privileged child, he feels deprived.”

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