December 1, 2023
MANIAC BLVCK To Host 6th Techno & Cooking Show On Insomniac TV

Techno just goes so well with everything, including cooking. On Thursday, September 22. Sabor De España returns for its sixth edition of cooking and techno on Insomniac TV hosted by MANIAC BLVCK.

From 8-10PM PST, MANIAC BLVCK will cohost a hard techno and cooking livestream on Insomniac TV in a gorgeous small village square called Plaza del Reloj in Camuñas, Spain.

Two incredible hard techno DJs, Ramiro Lopez and Xenia, will play back-to-back while cooking a traditional Ukrainian dish from Xenia’s culture. The outdoor setup perfectly showcases the quaint village plaza centered around a historic clock tower from 1910.

Xenia began her musical journey at the age of 10 at a traditional Ukrainian music school. Now she credits her melodic focus to her classic upbringing and plays innovative hard techno. She recently launched her own record label Numen and is currently on tour all over Europe and South America.

Ramiro Lopez, aka Chef Lopez, is a Spanish DJ with influences from all over the music spectrum including RnB, downbeat, disco, funk, jazz, tech, and groove. Ramiro Lopez has released on prominent international labels like Cecille, Noir, Terminal M, and Diynamic music and just last year launched his own techno label, Union Three.

An earlier edition of Sabor De Espana saw Spartaque and Chef Lopez cooking together, which sparked a friendship that would later evolve into Union Three.

During this stream, Lopez and Xenia will be making vareniki, a traditional Ukrainian dumpling, alongside fresh potato puree. Techno has never sounded more delicious.

Check out the Sabor De España livestream hosted by MANIAC BLVCK on Thursday, September 22 from 8-10PM PST on Insomniac TV.

All images provided by Chef Lopez management, featured image Cheflopez b2b Xenia Cooking Vareniki @ Plaza del Reloj in Camuñas

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