February 5, 2023
MAMMOTHOR Release "Parasomnia" Music Video

MAMMOTHOR Release “Parasomnia” Music Video

October 28, 2022, 2 hours ago

heavy metal

Mammothor have released a video for “Parasomnia”, featured on their new album, The Ecstasy Of Silence… The Agony Of Dreams, out now. Watch the clip below.




“You Don’t Know Me”


“Take the World”


“[Breaking News]”

“Bury The Motive”

“Trial by Fire”

“The Red State Blues”

“Final Hour”

“Do You Call My Name”

“Parasomnia” video:

“Bury The Motive” video:

“Take The World” video:

“M.O.A.B.” lyric video:

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