February 27, 2024
Malachi Grant Gets Personal With His Upcoming Album, “Up & Up” Featured

Moving on to the next chapter in his career, Malachi Grant shares his experiences in hopes of inspiring listeners on his upcoming album, “Up & Up.”

Born in Peekskill, NY, Malachi Grant has spent his years developing into quite the amazing artist. His music is rooted in motivational and inspirational messages that come from his life lessons and those of his family and friends that influence his dedication to his musical journey. Taking the time to understand the dynamics of hip hop, Malachi Grant found his signature style and sound that would become a sensation for fans worldwide. As his name, “Malachi” signifies, his tracks are composed with a message to positively impact upon the lives of his fans. Over time, Malachi Grant’s popularity in the industry grew along with his increasingly loyal fanbase. The emotional connection felt within his songs resonate with listeners in a way that no other artist has been able to. His wordplay is clever and witty. His storytelling is reminiscent of the legendary greats that pioneered the foundation of hip-hop imagery. His energy and motivational sound are a bright and hopeful beacon of lyricism wrapped in what seems an endless array of flows.

Malachi Grant has since released two albums, “Welcome 2 My World” and “On My way,” and has been locked in working on his upcoming masterpiece “Up & UP.” The album is his best work to date, expressing even more of himself to his fans than ever before. Its inspiration comes from overcoming adversity and remaining true to oneself. It is a motivational composition of songs that focuses on reaching new levels in life. It’s sonic range features Malachi Grant’s classic uplifting and energizing music. “Up & Up” spans across encouraging themes like betting on yourself, blocking out unnecessary distractions, earning respect, and showing love. All work in unison to give fans an audible experience that penetrates their minds and sinks into their souls. It’s fresh, artistic, creatively original, and showcases Malachi Grant’s unique emotional perspective of the world and the life we inhabit. This album is a statement, a declaration of Malachi Grant’s gift with words and music as he flexes his confidence and lyrical genius effortlessly. Joined by his production team headed by Big Yount and assisted by Yung Fokus, DJayCas and Vybehitz, they construct each track in perfect harmony with Malachi Grant’s message and intentions for the album. At first, it’s a classic album, but paying closer attention you’d realize the ingenuity of everything right down to the tracklist that sends a message in sequence; Live-Up-Never Fall-Be-Better-Than Yesterday-Shine-Living my Dreams-Solid.

Malachi Grant is ready to take fans on an unforgettable journey with his new album “Up & Up” arriving October 29th, 2021. Compliments can be given to the graphic designer, Andersen Cupid for the fitting album art. Follow the NY lyricist making a difference with his music and prepare for the arrival of his upcoming album “Up & Up.”

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