April 19, 2024

With so many musicians releasing music all over the world, fans are always excited to see new artists who stand out from the crowd. Most artists in the game, particularly in Hip Hop and Rap, are sticking to the most popular modern sound and flows. However, some musicians thrive on being one-of-a-kind and creating music that will last a lifetime.

Many musicians now prefer to be independent rather than mainstream. As a result, labeling artists as underground has become outdated. Some of today’s greatest musicians are breaking out on their own and shining a light on a music industry that some believe is in decline.

Don Gramur is one of the artists who is paving the way for a new generation of sensational independent musicians. The recording artist and songwriter is lighting up 2023 with a new single called “Natural High.” Don Gramur sings over the song with smooth vocals and raps catchy lyrics with a laid back cadence and flow.

Don Gramur has received positive feedback from fans and encouragement to keep going and releasing positive music into the world within a week of the song’s release. He even landed a top feature in the Hip Hop Since 1987 publication last month for his previous song release “Come Alive.” With every song that Don Gramur releases, he hopes to leave listeners with a more positive outlook on life.

Don Gramur, who has been steadily building his reputation as a rapper on TikTok and has recently released new music, is receiving the kind of acclaim that befits a performer of his caliber.

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