March 25, 2023
Maison Ware

Maison Ware is helping everyone hold on during the final weeks of winter with a fresh mix that’s filled with sultry melodic gems.

Maison Ware has flexed his production abilities in a range of genres and showcased his creative might ever since first emerging on the scene just a few short years ago. During this time he’s dropped off a number of self-released singles and EPs while also carving out space on labels like mau5trap and Armada Music while gripping the attention of a seemingly ever-growing fanbase along the way.

After dropping off his latest tune to land on mau5trap, “Zone 62,” Maison Ware has now set his sights on a new label to build a home on – Helix Records. Helmed by Patrick Moxey and launched just last year, this imprint has already played host to some fantastic artists ranging from San Holo to Jamie Jones, and now they’ve welcomed Maison Ware in with open arms for the release of “Hold On.”

“Hold On” is the first single off Maison Ware’s forthcoming EP on Helix Records and sees the intoxicating artist put his best on full display as he teams up with another captivating talent in the scene, BRUX. The two artists melded their unique takes on dance music to concoct an evocative soundscape that’s filled with dark, brooding melodic elements in the bassline, which pair perfectly with BRUX’s vocals.

It feels great to have finally released ‘Hold On’ – the first single off of my upcoming EP on Helix Records. BRUX and I had been going back and forth on this one for over a year, so I’m very excited that it’s seen the light of day.The song is inspired by all of my favourite music growing up, fused with the soundscape I’ve built up over the last few years.

Maison Ware

To celebrate the release of his latest track, Maison Ware spun up a quick mix that will help everyone dance their way through the final weeks of spring. “This mix was a fun one for me,” he said when asked about the curation process. “It includes a whole heap of unreleased IDs from friends of mine and some of my favourite tracks, edits, and remixes that I’ve found over the last six months.”

Listen to this exclusive mix from Maison Ware on SoundCloud, download or stream “Hold On” on your preferred platform, and stay tuned for more from this rising artist in the scene!

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