December 11, 2023
Madeon switches gears for bass-fueled, 57-track set at Lost Lands [FULL SET]

Lost Lands wrapped up this past weekend, capping off the sixth iteration of the festival in Legend Valley. As the festival has expanded, both in the artists it has invited and in physical space, adding a couple new stages since its first few years, variety has become tantamount. Bass heads will undoubtedly travel to Ohio every year for their favorite artists, but given the restricted scope of the festival, recycling acts was always a risk.

This year, plenty of genre-bending artists were booked, including a bit of a curveball with Madeon. The French artist is currently in his Good Faith Forever era, which, while it might have some dark moments, is a far cry from a “bass” artist. Still, his set was packed as he took the stage at Wompy Woods on Saturday night and from the first track, those in attendance must have known that not everything was as they’d anticipated.

Over the course of an hour, Madeon burned through 58 tracks including mashups and live mixes with names like Kayzo, G Jones & Eprom, Eliminate, Champagne Drip, ISOxo, Shadient, Deathpact, Hudson Mohawke (not that song), and more. Of course, he still had to throw in some of his own hits like “Icarus (VIP Mix),” “No Fear No More,” and “Heavy With Hoping.”

Check out the full set below!

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