December 1, 2023
LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi channels all iterations of herself into her stunning debut album, Light Places, out now on Ninja Tune!

LP Giobbi is hitting full stride in her career with the release of her debut studio album, Light Places. Ahead of this, the LA-based artist has captured the hearts of fans across the globe with her electric performances, where she plays piano live, mixes, and exudes unparalleled energy on stage. In addition, LP started her own non-profit educational platform, FEMME HOUSE, which is helping create more equitable opportunities for femme and gender-expansive artists by providing them with resources to begin or further their careers in music.

Furthermore, LP Giobbi has played some of the world’s most beloved venues and largest events, including stops in Ibiza and both weekends of Coachella, where she packed out the Yuma Tent at 2:00 PM. She will also be performing her newly curated Dead House set at the official Dead & Company after-parties, which sees her masterfully bridge generations by blending the iconic jam band’s legendary sound with the equally infectious rhythms of House music.

With all these accolades, LP Giobbi has arguably just released her most ambitious and stunning piece of art to date. The album is an inevitable culmination of everything that LP Giobbi stands for – family, freedom of expression, and her roots. From the words of her Dad’s favorite Grateful Dead lyric, “Once in a while, you get shown the LIGHT in the strangest of PLACES if you look at it right.” An homage to her family and a beautifully produced album from start to finish, Light Places is surely one of LP Giobbi’s most remarkable releases yet.

Catch LP Giobbi as she embarks on tour this summer, and support her debut album Light Places by listening to it in its entirety below or by purchasing the vinyl on Bandcamp! Continue on for my review of the tunes, and let us know what you think on Twitter!

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Light Places opens with an intro dedicated to LP Giobbi’s mother before transitioning into the album’s first full-length track, “If Love Is A Skill.”

It’s no surprise that LP Giobbi collaborated with longtime friends SOFI TUKKER on tracks “If Love Is A Skill” and “All My Life.” The artists have mutually supported each other over the years and have a wonderful relationship inside and outside music. “If Love Is A Skill” was part of the second collection of songs released in the lead-up to Light Places and was a standout from the first listen.

“If Love Is A Skill” begins with a melodic tone and emotional piano chords before being joined by Sophie’s delicate vocals. All elements live in beautiful harmony, while LP Giobbi’s production elevates the song. “All My Life” follows in its melodic tone before being joined by a crescendo of synths and percussion reminiscent of the “letting go and dancing free” aspect of a long-storied Dead song.

There is a conscious ebb and flow to the album as tracks like “Can’t Let You Go” and “Another Life” slowly ramp up the energy while tracks like “Georgia” and “Follow The Loop” get you moving immediately.

LP Giobbi is a classically trained musician, and it is easy to feel the intention in the arrangement of the album. Each track is artistically placed and fits like a puzzle piece to create a bigger picture. “Can’t Let You Go” draws the listener in with its energy-inducing bass plucks alongside Little Jet‘s vocals before dropping you into the euphoric worlds of “All I Need.” Another frequent collaborator on the album, Caroline Byrne, offers her vocals to the melodic “Another Life” as well as the uplifting “Feels Just Like It.” Each collaborator neatly fits the vibe of the album and brings their unique style of writing and delivery to their respective tracks.

Lastly, there are plenty of examples of where the Grateful Dead’s inspiration can be found on the album, from the album art to the live instrumentation, but the most prominent is in the collaboration with DJ Tennis and Joseph Ashworth’s “All In A Dream.” The classic-sounding vocals, in combination with the live instrumentation, give “All In A Dream” a housey feel but with a classic jam band kind of soul.

As LP Giobbi has grown as an artist, she has tried to stay true to her roots and honor the people who have inspired her journey.

Light Places sets a high benchmark for what this incredibly talented artist can create and the effect she can have on the community, and it seems like she is just beginning. From start to finish, Light Places is a beautifully produced album, and we cannot wait to experience these songs live when she embarks on her summer tour. No matter where you catch her, whether it is a live show, Dead House show, or any other performance, LP Giobbi is a shining light in the industry.

LP Giobbi – Light Places – Tracklist:

  1. Intro: Mother
  2. If Love Is A Skill feat. SOFI TUKKER
  3. Can’t Let You Go feat. Little Jet
  4. All I Need (Interlude)
  5. All I Need
  6. Another Life feat. Caroline Byrne
  7. Georgia
  8. Follow The Loop feat. Le Chev
  9. Feel Just Like It feat. Caroline Byrne
  10. Body Breathe feat. Monogem
  11. All In A Dream feat. DJ Tennis & Joseph Ashworth
  12. All My Life feat. SOFI TUKKER
  13. Outro: Not Fade Away

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