September 21, 2023
LP Giobbi & DJ Tennis To Charter Airstream Across The US For "All In An Airstream Tour"

LP Giobbi and DJ Tennis are setting off on a North American road trip tour in a mobile studio. The tour is entitled the “All In An Airstream Tour.”

The pop-up performances will take place throughout the spring until May, with stops in North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Colorado, plus several shows in California.

LP Giobbi and DJ Tennis will be interacting with local musicians, creating culinary experiences, and playing shows with special guests to be announced along the Airstream tour.

DJ Tennis is the founder and A&R of Life and Death Records and grew up managing punk bands before forming DAZE, Italy’s first booking agency solely devoted to electronic music.

Then, in 2010, he shifted to crafting his own music and has headlined events all across the globe.

LP Giobbi is one of the most exciting artists to arise in dance music in the last few years, as well as the co-founder of FEMME HOUSE, a collective and nonprofit organization fostering equal opportunity for women and nonbinary artists in music.

FEMME HOUSE provides educational resources and scholarships, cultivates community, and supports career development for future music professionals.

View the full “All In An Airstream Tour” schedule below:

Featured image from LP Giobbi

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