December 10, 2023
Lorraine Lewis reveals there will be no third act for Femme Fatale

Lorraine Lewis reveals there will be no third act for Femme Fatale

Vixen and ex-Femme Fatale lead vocalist Lorraine Lewis was recently interviewed by Andrew Daly for Metal Castle.

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In terms of how Femme Fatale got formed back in the ’80s, Lewis indicated: “My keyboard player Cliff (who later became Mazzi Rawd) and I decided to move to L.A. after my girlfriend came back home from being in L.A. She told me there were no females that rocked like me in L.A., and she planted the seed that I should move there. A few months later, me and Cliff and a guitar player named Mick moved to L.A. to chase our dream of getting a record deal.

We tried to find players and put out ads, but no one fit my vision. I wanted hot guys with good hair; I mean, it was the ’80s, after all. [Laughs]. Eventually, I gave up, called my bass player brother back home, and said, You’re moving to L.A., and you’re going to be my bass player.” That’s really how things went. He brought Bobby [Murray] and Bill [D’Angelo] with him; the rest is history.”

With respect to what led to Femme Fatale‘s ultimate demise in 1990, Lewis opined: “The demise of Femme Fatale, well… the wheels started to fall off when one of our management partners got brain cancer. That was a heavy time. We had just gotten off the road and were trying to figure out our next steps. Our cheerleaders at MCA were let go around Christmas time, and the label was excited about Pretty Boy Floyd. At least, that’s how I remember it. We lost our support at the label, which felt awful.”

Femme Fatale eventually reformed in 2013 and Lewis commented on the band reforming. “In 2013, Femme Fatale, I was asked to bring Femme Fatale to the Monsters of Rock Cruise. I was excited but had no real band at that time because Bill D’Angelo had passed away, Rick [Rael] and Bobby were back home, and Mazzi [Rawd] was nowhere to be found. So, I did what I always do – pivot! I decided to go all female and got Courtney [Cox’s] number and Nita [Strauss’s] number from a guitarist named Angela Grant. I called them both and had no idea that they actually lived together. My original plan was to have one guitar player, but how could I pass up a chance to work with these firey, hungry, awesome young guitar players? There was a buzz about these girls, and it just made sense to have both on board. We met at a Starbucks on Ventura blvd, made a plan, and left very excited.”

In regards to whether we have seen the last of Femme Fatale, Lewis stated: “There will be no third act for Femme Fatale, but I’m a lifer and love what I’ve accomplished. I am also so excited that Rock Candy Records in the U.K. remastered and reissued the Femme Fatale debut CD with four bonus tracks. It sounds killer and is available on my website and Rock Candy’s website.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Lorraine Lewis at Metal Castle‘s website.

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