March 2, 2024
Loco Dice

Loco Dice welcomes a new label called Serán Bendecidos or SB Recordings, with VLTRA and Francis De Simone on its debut!

On Friday, Loco Dice brought his new label into the world, appropriately titled Serán Bendecidos, meaning “will be blessed.” This is certainly the fact for music lovers when they place their ears upon its debut track, “Flowcito” by VLTRA and Francis De Simone. SB Recordings adds a second layer to the German DJ/producer’s journey as a label boss, complimenting his established and highly-respected Desolat imprint.

SB Recordings is more than just a label – it’s a movement. We’re bringing people together through music, creating a community of like-minded individuals to bridge the gap between cultures and create a unifying sound that resonates globally.

Loco Dice

Of course, Serán Bendecidos is a name that will certainly ring familiar as it has already been making waves as Loco Dice’s event series and streetwear brand, as well as a compilation series on its sister label. Now as a standalone release platform, Loco Dice enhances the celebration by throwing a special remix of “Flowcito” into the fray, which brings him out of a one-year production hiatus. So let’s dig into the packages’ highlights.

Palermo-based duo VLTRA and Sicilian Francis De Simone are no strangers, having collaborated together in the past on tunes like “Perreo” and “Looking.” Their combined talents prove effective once more as “Flowcito” pulls listeners off the couch and transports them to the closest party. Throughout the tune the boys rely on heated Latin vocal samples and frisky percussion to set the tone, resulting in a fun and festive atmosphere that dancing feet simply can’t deny. Loco Dice answers back with a rendition that dials up the top-end details with sounds that will spin the brain into another dimension.

Now, that you have an idea of what to expect, take a listen to the tunes below, stream or purchase “Flowcito” on your favorite platform, and let us know what you think of the beats on Twitter!

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