April 24, 2024
Local Council Asks Glastonbury To Improve Crowd Control and Noise Levels In 2023


The local district council for Glastonbury, a huge multi-genre festival in the UK, has asked the event to improve crowd control and reduce noise levels following complaints from the 2022 edition.

The council has requested that the massive music event improve safety, introduce measures to control crowd density in camping areas, and work on their sound loudness and noise pollution. Many feared fire risks amid the overlap of vehicles and tents and claimed they felt unsafe with the capacity at the event.

There seems to be a trend with festivals having issues with overcrowding post-pandemic. On our EDM Maniac Festival Report Cards, we found a significant percentage of festivals this year to feel overcrowded. From events like EDC Orlando and Splash House to even smaller festivals like Suwanee Halloween, overcrowding seemed to be a common theme.

Post the tragedy of Astroworld 2021, festivals have been under scrutiny for overselling events and risking attendees’ safety with huge crowds.

The local district hopes to help address this as well as improve the experience for all neighbors around the festival.

All images from Glastonbury


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