April 19, 2024
LOCA SIX Is Quickly Rising to International Fame in the Music Industry Featured


Dropping back-to-back bangers displaying her lyrical lingo, LOCA SIX owns the spotlight as the next female rapper to go mainstream.

Ex Only Fans Model, LOCA SIX has been involved in a lot of chatter about her craft in the rap game. From her adolescence growing into an adult, she was familiar with the streets of Brooklyn, often outside along with her cousins in an environment that held pleasures but also dangers and violence. This came with its own problems, often landing her in trouble, but LOCA SIX always got up and kept it pushing.

That lifestyle built her into who she is, a tomboy with feminine features making her a marvel to look at and a vibe to be around. During the pandemic, things began to manifest. Jumping on the Only Fans wave, her bag was secured and flourishing, but wanting to focus on her music, she stepped away from that avenue to avoid any drama in her career. In March 2022, she released her debut “Shotoclock Freestyle,” and the internet went crazy. LOCA SIX went viral for her elite bar game, dope delivery, and ability to rap songs both men and women can rock to. She had rhyme schemes from every angle, real life, the streets, right down to witty sexual puns from a bisexual perspective – LOCA SIX could do it all.

With her label GSC ent. and her talent, she’s often put beside females with the most buzz like Cardi B, Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj, and Doja Cat. LOCA SIX’s name is already jumping off. Check out her catalog and support the next female artist to go worldwide.

“Shotoclock Freestyle”: https://youtu.be/DkK6Ht6q2KY
Instagram: @thelocasix
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3A55vRT9kVEMGPIRKVSlGQ

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