December 5, 2023
Live Nation Partner Liquid Death Canned Water Reaches $700 Million Valuation

If you’ve been to a concert, festival, or event in the past few years, you may have noticed a switch to a canned water called Liquid Death. Now the company has soared to a valuation of $700 million and is close to reaching $1 billion.

Liquid Death launched in 2019 and has since partnered with Live Nation to become the official water of many music-focused events. They are also sold at grocery stores and have even moved into the flavored seltzer segment as well.

But the unique concept of the company comes from the aluminum cans that look like a new brand of beer, but are filled with pure water. Not only do they make it simpler to stay sober without peer pressure, aluminum can also be recycled almost infinite times and saves more than 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminum. Therefore, aluminum is more likely to be recycled than plastic and, as of 2020, 75% of the aluminum ever made is still in use today.

One investor wrote, “Liquid Death is moving people toward healthier and sustainable drinking options, not by preaching to them, but by entertaining them and making them a part of something bigger in culture.”

This high valuation represents a monetary and competitive value in moving towards a more sustainable music event experience.

All images from Liquid Death

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