March 2, 2024
Live-electronic trip-hop duo Since JulEYE Reveals debut LP ‘The Dawn of Since’

The Denver music scene is a tight-knit community, and the hotly-tipped trip-hop duo Since JulEYE reflect that camaraderie. Shattering genre confines with their uniquely-blended sonic stylings, Since JulEYE was born out of shared musical tastes and Denver’s warm, inclusive artistic identity.

After initially starting as a solo project by DJ/producer Lev AverbakhSince JulEYE recently added long-time collaborator and veteran keyboardist Todd Stoops (RAQKung-Fu) as a permanent member. This new creative partnership has resulted in a vibrant mix of Averbakh’s bouncy hip-hop production with Stoops’ jam band sensibilities – a dynamic combination that has led to performances at Summer Camp Music FestivalGem & JamColor Field, and Wavespell, where they’ve displayed their electric live sets.

Now, Since JulEYE releases their debut album, The Dawn Of Since, a full-length project that showcases its artists’ singularly aligned musical intuition. It’s a genre-hopping masterpiece, featuring Eric “Benny” Bloom (Lettuce), Colby Buckler (Emancipator, Manic Focus), Michal Menert, ProbCause, and more.

You can’t go wrong with any of the tracks, but our favorite is “Off White Flowers”,  a lo-fi jam turned thrilling drum & bass ride that is absolutely unforgettable.

“This album embodies our sonic evolution and we are extremely excited to share it.” – Lev Averbakh (of Since JulEYE)

Check it out below!


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