February 23, 2024

U2 have shared a stripped-back, piano-led version of their 2000 hit single Beautiful Day as another preview of their forthcoming Songs Of Surrender album. It follows on from the January release of a re-imagined version of their 1984 hit single Pride (In The Name Of Love), the first taste of a compilation, due on March 17, which features 40 re-worked U2 songs.

“Music allows you to time travel,” guitarist The Edge stated when the project was first unveiled, “and so we started to imagine what it would be like to bring these songs back with us to the present day and give them the benefit or otherwise, of a 21st century re-imagining. What started as an experiment quickly became a personal obsession as so many early U2 songs yielded to a new interpretation. 

“Intimacy replaced post-punk urgency. New keys. New chords. New tempos and new lyrics arrived. It turns out that great song is kind of indestructible.”

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