December 1, 2023
Listen to Nora Van Elken's Epic EP Inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" -

Dutch DJ and producer Nora Van Elken has dropped Lord of the Rings, a new EP comprising three stellar reworks of iconic music from the eponymous franchise.

In the midst of a prolific 2022 which saw Van Elken release over a dozen singles and two EPs, she managed to slip in this epic triptych of progressive house tracks two days before the year ended. The new EP will make any fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic series swoon.

Van Elken leads with the project’s hypnotic opener, “Rohan,” named after the fictional kingdom of Men in Middle-earth. Here, she produces haunting synths in a deep and cinematic house track. She then takes a cheekier approach in “Concerning Hobbits,” infusing violin patterns in an upbeat orchestral composition.

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