April 19, 2024
Listen to Ivy Lab's Haunting Album, "Infinite Falling Ground" - EDM.com


Revered experimental bass music duo Ivy Lab have released their third studio album, Infinite Falling Ground.

Spanning 14 tracks, Infinite Falling Ground is a tour de force for Ivy Lab, whose reimagined sound is explored through haunting, deeply introspective production. Coming nearly five years since Death Don’t Always Taste Good, the album finds the pair journeying through eclectic concepts and sounds, making for their most entrancing work yet.

The album’s opener, “Celeste” serenades us into a hazy, lo-fi vibe. It doesn’t last long though, as tracks like “Balaclava” and “Q Nix” conjure haunting, melancholic bass and hollowed sound design. Wrapped in dusty hip-hop cloaks and swathed in downtempo electronica, “Our Time” and “Late Night Fit” will hit home for fans of Ivy Lab.


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