December 2, 2023
Listen to CloudNone's Effervescent Single, "Faster Now" -

Teeming with heavenly sound design and glossy textures, CloudNone’s new single caps off a big year for the masked electronic music producer.

“Faster Now” finds CloudNone collaborating with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Van. The song is out now via Seeking Blue, the record label from longtime YouTube tastemaker MrSuicideSheep and home to a colossal roster of artists, among them Dabin and WE ARE FURY.

In “Faster Now,” CloudNone channels a nostalgic energy and reinforces it by imbuing the arrangement with melancholic production. He beautifully sets the tone in the verse with feathery chords and subtle percussion while Van’s emotive, effervescent topline floats above. The track’s drops eventually explode through a warm saws and a centrifuge of glitched-out leads, making for a bubbly and soaring record.

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