April 13, 2024
Lil Keed

Recently, Lil Keed’s mother took to Instagram to clear the air. She said her son “died from natural causes” with no drugs or alcohol in his system; slamming lies and rumors. Keed passed away in May. 


Updated by Kendall Parks (12/16/2022 at 6:17 pm)

Michelle Woods, mother of the “Wavy” rapper, sent out a public service announcement slamming any rumors speculating about her son’s death. 

“Seven months,” Woods wrote:

 “Today, we’ve confirmed that Raqhid died from natural causes with no drugs or alcohol found in his system.”

Woods also said in the post she and her family are “disheartened” by the rumors of the YSL affiliate’s death being caused by substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol.

She asked the public to respect Lil Keed’s family and legacy.

By SOHH Squad (09/09/2022 at 5:30 pm)

When rappers pass, many may pay their respects or say “R.I.P,” but that energy was not returned for one rapper.

Atlanta rapper and brother of late rapper Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, posted a very threatening message on his Instagram story.

“Whoever going to (Lil) Keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall And stuff when I catch you It aint gone be nice,” Lil Gotit wrote.

Lil Gotit’s statement ended with him saying, “I hope you see this message!!!”

Enemies or trolls vandalizing rappers’ graves is sadly not uncommon. 

In fact, a video surfaced on the internet revealing that King Von’s family experienced difficulty finding a place for his homegoing.

Many funeral homes are beginning to refuse burials of people connected to gang violence out of fear the gravesite could be vandalized.

In addition, the late rapper Pop Smoke’s grave was also vandalized last year. It remains unknown who committed the crime. Lil Keed, who was an Atlanta and signed to YSL, passed away on May 13 at 24 in Los Angeles.

It seems nobody has respect for the dead nowadays. 

Even the late rapper Nipsey Hussle was a target of vandalism after passing.

An unknown criminal, or multiple, took to his ‘The Marathon Continues’ clothing store in Slauson.

Additional reporting by Chris Samuel.

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