September 23, 2023
Lil Gnar - "Triple S"

Image source: Lil Gnar’s team.

“Triple S”

Elsewhere, the rapper also expresses his gratitude for having a solid circle.

“‘Finna rock this show, but first, I’m buying the mall. Had to triple up my paper, you know. Lil Gnar come through trim,” he raps. “Ain’t nobody took me serious ’til I popped out with a million. They know I’m him; they know I’m fly. Lil n-gga play, then he gone die.”

He also raps, “I love my twin, I love my slimes. Screaming out, Slatt, toting that iron.”

“Triple S” keeps the ball rolling with Lil Gnar’s subtle flex and forewarnings toward the opps.

He spits, “G-O only say one word. I bet my shooter blow. Free smoke, paranoid, I’ll shoot you through the peephole. My trackhawk faster than your Lamborghini Evo That Destructo.”

Image source: Lil Gnar’s team.

Lil Gnar also spits, “Disc sit on my wrist. I’m rocking a new Frieza. Put on camouflage and some new Balenci like a vet. Like it’s hammer time walking with that choppa in my pants. Came from 10 a dime bustin down a P with all my mans.”

Given the context, Gnar isn’t playing when it comes to earning respect. Without a doubt, he’ll be “quick to stomp a p—y boy out in these Triple S.”

Since joining 43B in June, Lil Gnar and Chief Keef continue to prove they’re a match made in rap heaven.

Keef understands the wide breadth of his protege’s abilities, delivering an instrumental that Gnar navigates with sharpshooter precision.

The “Triple S” music video depicts Gnar’s grind and how it shines so brilliantly, despite how effortless he makes it look.

Listen To “Triple S” By Lil Gnar Below:

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