April 17, 2024
Lil Baby


Lil Baby’s baby mother is under fire after a tweet revealed the alleged age gap between her and the rapper when they were dating.

Lil Baby


Lil Baby’s baby mother, Ayesha Golden, is facing backlash because of the age gap between her and the “Drip Too Hard” artist when they were dating.

Allegedly, the Atlanta rapper was only 17, and she was at the age of 24.

The criticism came after Golden tweeted a hypocritical stance about the age gap.

“The math ain’t mathing, but as long as it works out then ok.”

One user pointed out that “Lil Baby was 17 when you started messing with him, and you were every bit of 24, you’re now 24 and he’s 26.”

Another user says Golden should have charges brought up on her:

“So since we want to do the math, 24+7= a case”

Golden then responded to the backlash by explaining why she turned her comments off in the midst of everyone coming after her:

“I don’t accept tweet replies cause how a bitch feel about me, ain’t important, better talk it over with your friends.”

Fans continue to speculate if Ms. Golden could have a case brewing up; however, she appears to be unbothered.

Another youngest in hip-hop had a similar age gap dating experience which failed recently.

19-year-old rapper NLE Choppa recently took to his social media to open up and be honest about why his last relationship didn’t work.


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