June 1, 2023

Alongside the wide-eyed creativity of pop, punk, rock, and rap, Levi Zadoff, who hails from Los Angeles, has been notable for influences of eclectic pop-rock and punk music, gaining the attention of listeners who are looking for something new and different. Similarly, upcoming Ottawa, Canada-based punk singer Dead Hendrix has been seizing his uniqueness to win listeners’ hearts. Taking his powerful lyrics and turning music into medicine to fuel listeners’ bodies and soul is why he is the artist to watch out for this year and beyond.

When these two got together, fireworks were expected to explode, which is precisely what happened. But, exuding such indestructible chemistry between them and bouncing off each other’s energy and creativity, this indefatigable duo got into the studio. It turned inspiration around the events surrounding the COVID pandemic into timeless masterpieces, and that is how the 5-piece project “Dead Summer” came to be.

When COVID hit, everything stood still, and the world was disrobed. The restrictions added fuel to the fire, which saw people fall into depression, and others came face to face with trauma like they had never faced. “Dead Summer” is a literal and metaphorical depiction of the calamities that came along as a result of the pandemic. Just like many of us, the duo of Levi and Dead lost friends and family members, and it was during these months that summer went down the drain while we stood still and hopelessly watched without much hope that we would make it on the other side!

What makes this project even more intriguing is how it does not conform to any single genre restriction; the duo exercises their freedom to deliver tracks that break all the boundaries within the pop, rock, punk, and rap styles.

The opening track, “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better”, is a biting melodic depiction of the whole situation surrounding the pandemic because, in reality, many of us don’t think it could be much worse! A pop-rock-inflicted tune with some tasteful components of punk, this tune is as addictive as it is imposing. The use of metaphor is much appreciated, and the vocal presentation is simply unforgettable. Once the track hits your ears, it will remain there for the foreseeable future!

As much as anything, the track “Love Game” is hypnotic as it is catchy, and it is little wonder why it has been unanimously acclaimed with more than 52K Spotify streams already! This track possesses unforgettable progressive rock percussion and is about how we find ourselves trapped within our heads and thoughts. That was everything that was happening during the pandemic. It drove other people into madness as it was too much to overthink and not have a solution to work with. This track is your therapeutic tune to remind you that you are not alone in this!

“Alone” depicts an artistic contrast of fortunes derived from the different approaches from each artist’s aspect and blends rap-rock with punk to fashion a timeless masterpiece that a listener cannot get enough of. Emotionally resonant and melodically moving, this piece is best enjoyed on repeat mode until it hits all the right nerves!

There is impact and resonance even in the tracks “Can’t be God”, which is a resignation to fate upon the realization that no one can control anything. Even the bonus track, “Teenage Dirtbag”, is emotionally charged and performed from the heart and soul of Dead and Levi.

To listen to this critically acclaimed project and support this sensational duo; follow the attached link and add these tracks to your favorite playlist; also, don’t forget to share this magic with others around you, for this project deserves as many ears as it can get!
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