September 23, 2023
Leaving Laurel

Gordon Huntley carries the torch for Leaving Laurel into its next chapter with the announcement of when the quiet comes on Anjunadeep.

Pierce Fulton and Gordon Huntley had been friends for years prior to the two coming together to create some truly memorable releases under the Leaving Laurel moniker, and they began to fly during the early years of the project. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 2021 when Pierce tragically passed away. In his honor, Gordon pressed on to deliver the duo’s self-titled debut album that touched hearts around the world. Now, in 2023, he’s continuing to carry the torch for the project and has teamed up with Pierce’s brother, Griff, to bring forth more music.

The sophomore album from Leaving Laurel, when the quiet comes, is due to arrive on May 19 via Anjunadeep to mark a new chapter for the project. Tracks found on the album stem from recordings that were laid down in past years during creative sessions. “Making this record was my search to find purpose after Pierce passed,” Gordon Huntley said. “It was a light to show me a way forward. A way for me to grieve, a way for me to hold onto the memories. A eulogy to my friend.”

Paired with the announcement of when the quiet comes is the release of its lead single, “one last thing you never said.” This track, which clocks in at just over nine minutes, is filled with atmospheric elements, piano notes, and more to create a moment of introspection during its extended intro. The beat picks up midway through the track as it creeps in from the background before picking up the pace to make your feet begin to shuffle along with it as it swells with energy and distortion before fading out once again.

This is the album I always hoped Pierce and I would make together one day. It’s my attempt to continue the dream we had, to take what we had started with our first album to a secret place beyond the club. To make a soundtrack for the moments where everything stands still. a record that could showcase the culmination of every unique influence we shared as friends. a record that could be important enough to outlive us both. a record that I hope would have made him proud.

It’s the hardest I’ve worked on anything in my entire life and the proudest I’ve ever been of any music I’ve made. If the road for Leaving Laurel were to end here, I know I gave it my all. I created something with the pieces of what Pierce and I had started, and it feels like the most honest album I could show to the world.

Gordon Huntley

Listen to “one last thing you never said” on Spotify or your preferred platform, and make sure to pre-save or pre-order your copy of when the quiet comes ahead of its release on May 19.

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Leaving Laurel – when the quiet comes – Tracklist:

  1. and those guardian angels carried you away
  2. you need to be there for them
  3. better days will come
  4. one last thing you never said
  5. there is beauty when you allow yourself to see
  6. holding on like it’s the last time
  7. from nothing came something and you lasted a lifetime
  8. a love, a loss

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