April 14, 2024
Latto Responds To Coachella Photoshop Accusations

Latto’s Coachella set continues to stir controversy.

The rapper brought the “Big Energy” to the festival when she performed for the first time. After Sunday’s set, which she dubbed “Lattochella,” she tweeted photos from the performance including one of herself looking out at a packed sea of festivalgoers at the Sahara stage.

But some of her detractors analyzed the photo and accused Latto of Photoshopping the crowd to make it appear that she exaggerated the size of her audience.

“photoshopping your fans is a new low,” tweeted one Nicki Minaj fan, while sharing a screenshot of the Photoshop job, which shows duplicate fans in the crowd.

In an Instagram Story, Latto addressed the Photoshop accusations, explaining that she was trying to expand the photo to fit her Instagram grid. However, she accidentally included the doctored image in her Twitter post.

“Never photoshopped a crowd lmao,” she wrote. “I expanded it so it would fit in my Instagram swipe without getting cut off but it was clearly f.cked up so I didn’t end up using it & just posted the wrong version by accident on Twitter babes 🥰 next.”

While some fans tried to expose her, others defended Latto amid the Photoshop accusations. “Lmfao Whoever noticed this is a real hard hater,” tweeted one person.

Latto has been on the receiving end of hate from Nicki fans ever since their highly-publicized feud last year. During her Coachella set, Latto debuted a new song on which she seemingly took shots at her idol turned rival.

“She thought I would kiss her ass, she must ain’t took her meds,” Latto raps on the track. Before she left the stage, she yelled out, “We tired of the subtweets this year. Bitch, let me know.”

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