November 26, 2022
King Reco is coming for all that is his in the rap game Featured

King Reco proves that It’s never too late to change your perspective and follow your dreams.

DeReco Gibbs is a native in the city of Taylorsville, NC that has endured a number of tribulations along his life to get to the point of being the musical artist, King Reco. The name that has captivated fans combines his birth name with his destiny of being the king of North Carolina and the future king of rap. Growing up, his athletic abilities had him poised to become a star. Sadly, he fell into the lure of the street life and lost his way. This affected his attendance and performance in school, eventually flunking out.

King Reco turned his focus to developing his music career while at the same time working a 9-5 to support his family. With inspiration from artists like Lil Durk, King Von, MO3, Mozzy, and Lil Wayne, his perseverance would break down barriers in the industry, gaining the recognition and support of major rappers. He would make the move to Dallas, Texas to take his career to the next level. Even when venues booked the rising rapper, King Reco turned down their requests to focus on extending his catalog of music for fans. As time expanded so did his fanbase due to his hype, catchy flows, and versatile delivery with authentic bars on reality.

King Reco’s music had big time rappers requesting collaborations but each time he declined, wanting to build his lane on the strength of his own talent before accepting features. The latest audio and visual for his single “REGULAR SHXT” is the next song to showcase his genius. The single is his first self-shot music video and his second musical release. It opens fans up to his world, inviting them to know who he is and his dedication to music. King Reco’s character shines through every bar, standing on his loyalty to family and remaining humble even with the money, fame, and women.

King Reco aims to make it in the rap game without sacrificing his morals and belief. Follow the NC artist and support his latest single.




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