December 11, 2023
Kim Kardashian Advocates For Gunna's Release In Racketeering Case News

Kim Kardashian is seeking justice for Gunna.

The Skims mogul is showing her support for the embattled rapper once again after he was denied bail for the third time in his impending racketeering case.

“#FreeGunna,” Kardashian tweeted Thursday night before explaining why she believes the “pushin P” hitmaker should be released from jail.

“Imagine sitting in a jail cell for 155 days with no bond when the only evidence against you is a ticket for an unrelated window tint and someone saying you weren’t in a gang,” Kim wrote in a series of messages.

Kim’s support comes shortly after Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, was denied bond for a third time after prosectors expressed concern that he could intimidate witnesses. However, Kim said there’s “zero evidence that he committed a crime.”

She revealed that she met with Gunna earlier this year. “He appreciated my interest in criminal justice reform and asked me to take a look at his cousin’s case,” she said. “Since his incarceration, I have worked with his legal team and the facts of his case are yet another example of why the ‘justice system’ is any thing but just.”

She went on to lay out some of the accusations against Gunna, including claims of witness intimidation, smuggling drugs, and gang affiliation, all of which Kardashian says are unfounded.

“Even though there is no evidence tying him to a single crime, or showing that he is a risk to the community, Sergio had his bond denied once again today,” she said.

Gunna was arrested in May and charged with a single count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. The 56-count indictment includes Young Thug and other members of YSL, who are accused of being in the violent street gang Young Slime Life.

Gunna will face trial in January, but Kim says he will likely remain in jail longer. “Sergio deserves better and we all should demand better. #FreeGunna,” she wrote.

This is not the first time Kim has advocated for Gunna. Back in July, Kim tweeted, “Free Gunna.”

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