April 24, 2024
Kill Devil Hill return with video for new single "Blood In The Water"


Kill Devil Hill return with video for new single “Blood In The Water”

Kill Devil Hill are back after an absence of nearly one decade. The group consisting of Dewey Bragg on lead vocals, Mark Zavon on guitar, and newer members Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Quiet Riot) on drums and Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) on bass have unveiled a video for their new single “Blood In The Water” from their upcoming new album, which will be released via Legend Recordings. Kill Devil Hill have released two album so far consisting of Kill Devil Hill (2012) and Revolution Rise (2013).

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in January 2019, Zavon stated as follows with respect to the origins of the band name Kill Devil Hill:

“Yeah. Well, I came up with the name. I was an aviation major in college. In one of my classes, they were going over where the Wright Brothers flew their first plane and it was Kill Devil Hill. That was the name of the town. I thought, “Oh, that’s a really cool sounding name!” I wrote it down and kind of put it in the back of my mind. Then I thought, “I’ll use that for something later on!” That was in the ’90s. That was a long time ago. Then we were looking for band names and it came up. Really it was just because of that. Then, after it became one of the finalists as far as the band names were concerned, I started digging into finding out what it was all about.

It turns out that the name — there is a lot more to it than where the Wright Brothers flew. The pirates used to call their rum “Kill Devil” because it was strong enough to kill the devil. It was named after basically — in the early days when pirates used to run their rum up and down the coast, it was illegal bootlegging. The British Crown would try to sail up and tax you if they found rum on your boat. So these ships that they saw — the British sailing up on them — they would run barrels of rum off in skiffs and bury them in the sand dunes so they didn’t have to pay taxes on them. So this particular spot in North Carolina was a favorite spot for burying your rum essentially. So they would bury their “Kill Devil” in the hills of North Carolina in this particular spot. So it became known as “Kill Devil Hills”! So that’s where the town got its name. I thought that was an interesting story in itself outside of the whole Wright Brothers thing. It just stuck and I remember Vinny [Appice] and Rex [Brown] both liking it. Dewey [Bragg] loved it and he’s still super into it. Dewey’s a pirate at heart, so it really goes well with him.”

Kill Devil Hill‘s “Blood In The Water” video:


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